10 Best Triathlon Watch Reviews and Buying Guide in 2020

An accurate calculation of speed, distance, heart rate, pace in terms of running, swimming and cycling is worth reaching success so easily. Considering this important fact of the triathletes, there are some best triathlon watches in the market. With the evolution of the technology, these watches are now integrated with GPS mode which can enable us to reach success so easily.

What is a triathlon watch

A triathlon watch is similar to a normal watch but has so many functions to make sure your training effectively to be a famous athletics. It is integrated with GPS and waterproof and advanced to make sure you are precisely being trained up. However, this can explain how fast you can run, how far already you have run and the power of your workout explaining health info also. However, there are different brands of the best triathlon watch in the market to buy this important device for your training purposes. We are going to say about them briefly.

10 Best Triathlon Watch Reviews

1. GARMIN FORERUNNER 935 (Running GPS Watch)



  • Light weight
  • Long battery life
  • Thin design
  • High res screen


      • Costly
      • Not compatible due to plastic casing

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The Garmin Forerunner is one of the latest versions in feeding the needs of sports, training and workout purposes. It also provides quality timing with satisfaction to make sure for the events of running, cycling, swimming and many more with the requirement of stroke count, distance/speed in pool and water.  This is watch is one of the top charts for 2019 which can be the best one on hand.

There are some unique features of this watch that can grab someone’s attention. Lightweight is the number one issue but it will have so many features. Luckily this watch is thin and also has a long battery life. 24 hours in GPS/Activity mode is ready when you are thinking of this issue.

This watch can also be a big deal to track heart rate on the wrist and also compatible with chest strap HRM. This function can be uploaded via Wi-Fi with the Garmin connect app. In addition to this, this watch is also compatible with smartphone-like iPhone, android and windows.

However, being lightweight with only 49 grams that may be funny, it enables advanced features with comfortably. When someone is looking for the best triathlon watch, this one can be one of them.




  • Light weight
  • Long battery life
  • Smartphone notification


      • Plastic feel
      • heart rate monitoring capacity not advanced

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This is one of the GPS integrated watches in the market which may be a good deal to buy. There are some excellent features of this watch. It is really better choice to make sure you can meet up the needs of sportsmanship.

The watch is made of the component which seems to be lightweight. Lightweight is one of the requirements for triathletes. The battery life is really appalling. It can last for 5 five days which can be cool when you are worried about battery life. Luckily this watch is integrated with smartphones through which you may receive notification in real-time.

The display issue can grab the mindset of the sportsman to buy it because it has a high resolution to make things clear on display.

When you are thinking to buy a smartwatch, this one can be the best choice. It is one of the leading watches in the market.




  • Light weight
  • Designed with vibration alerts


      • Bluetooth transfer may have problems

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One of the requirements for triathletes is watched should fulfill the requirement of triathlon needs. Luckily this watch is made to meet the needs of triathlons. A triathlete can be good enough to work with enhanced efficiency for the triathletes. This watch has GPS based functions with a built-in barometric altimeter.

The overall construction is well fit for sports like swimming which has 50 meter waterproof. The battery life of this watch is really praiseworthy. While running GPS mode, it can last for 10 hours at a stretch.

This watch is also compatible with Bluetooth which signifies the smart features. It is possible to connect with a smartphone and you may get an instant notification. Additionally, the display feature is another advantage because it is scratch-resistant and also provides you extra-large display which makes sure easy to view.

4. Polar V800 GPS Sports Watch:

Polar V800 GPS Sports Watch


  • Access to fitness metrics
  • Bluetooth compatible


    • 1 Year later GPS may will not work properly

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Even if technological evolution is offering comfortably using the device, Polar V800 might not meet those requirements. POLAR V800 is still one of the smart choices for the people who are going to start sportsmanship. Some features still make people buy this watch.

It is built-in GPS that keeps track of your running or riding with accurate speed measurement whatever your distance is far away. This watch is optimized to guide the sportsman about sports as there is a customization option. For any step, 24/7 activity data is one of the good features which makes sure there is no issue to be worried about loaded data.

Even if you are traveling to get the ground, you may connect with Bluetooth to make sure everything is going on in the right way. You may get notified of your smartphone about activity tracking. It is also compatible with a heart rate sensor at the time of training or swimming.

However, the accuracy of data analyzing like heart rate data which is possible to test in real-time. Additionally, this is a systematic watch through the overall fitness result that is possible to know. For smart people with smart choices, this is really a good deal to buy as the best triathlon watch.




  • Base watch, Counts Laps
  • Water proof
  • Cheap Price


    • No GPS
    • No heart tracking

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the name of this watch tells a lot. Timex Iron man Sleek 150 is one of the leading watches for good sportsmanship for the triathletes. However, the latest arrival of this watch has added some excellent feature to make sure the triathletes

Like Garmin, it is also lightweight which the benefit for the triathletes but functions is smart. But the issue of GPS system should be omitted as this has no GPS tracking system.

Good and exact timing can make your running or swimming more efficient and skilled. The time fixed beforehand can track successfully every pace in a race. This is like if you want to run 10 mn/pace, this watch can successfully beep 10 times for every second. Additionally, this watch is water-resistant for 100m which is so suitable for swimming sports.

As good sportsmanship, when someone is looking for a stopwatch or accurate timer, this triathlon watch can feed the need. When someone has a limited budget with no GPS requirement, this watch can be a good deal indeed.




  • Long battery life
  • GPS integrated


  • Display may be washed out after use

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When you want a watch which will meet all the requirements, Garmin Fenix 5 can be the best one. This is the latest watch with GPS technology. Also one can get more features as this watch is being updated with the time. This watch conducts the calculation of Heart rate successfully and keeps a record of this activity.

The construction of this watch is good enough to be sustainable. The stainless steel bezel, rear, case, and buttons have made this watch so smart. In addition to this, it is also made of fiber-reinforced that adds up more durability and long-lasting.

Fenix 5 is a smartwatch for smart people with long battery life. It is possible to go on for up to 2 weeks once charged fully.

Technological features are you can connect this watch to your android and get a notification any time. Also one can personalize the features of this watch. However, the display of this watch is high res and it about 240-pixel screen size that is visible to sunlight.

So one can keep confidence on this watch to make sure your sportsmanship is going to be successful according to your time frame.

7. Coros Apex Premium Multisport Watch

Coros APEX Premium Multisport Watch


  • Awesome battery
  • Accurate calculation
  • GPS Integrated


  • No quick release kit

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The Coros Apex is a new watch with the great features in the market. However, this watch is giving GPS integration. For any triathlon watch, battery life is one of the important issues to consider. It has an amazing battery life to make sure you can perform more as 35 hours in GPS mode and 30 days standard mode.

To get accurate elevation data, a barometer plays an important role and this barometer successfully works to provide this calculation. The menu option can make you so easy to customize profile according to your need. However, every customization can be done easily on the color screen as it is big and colorful.

This watch may not be available for full-blown software. It is possible to work with the 3rd party app. At last, it can be said that this is one of the smart choices to make sure excellent sportsmanship in the area of running, riding and swimming.

8. Suunto 9 GPS Watch

Suunto 9 GPS Watch


  • Long battery life
  • large screen


  • Costly
  • Heavy and bulky

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Suunot 9 is really an effective watch to make sure your needs are going to be met with this watch. There are so many features that have made this watch as one of the favorite e choices to triathletes. The battery life is long-lasting compared to any other watch. It is unbelievable that this watch can last for 25 up to 125 hours. Even it does not matter if the battery is running low this can perform according to the needs.

This watch provides accurate distance calculation with its GPS tracking system. It is also compatible to use in the water body or pool. In addition to this, it is more supportive of cycling sports.

There are two formats of this watch which are the 9 bar and the 9. The bar has a barometer to make sure tracking is going to be accurate. So when you are planning to buy a watch which can meet the requirement of sports. This one can best deal indeed.

9. Garmin Vívoactive HR GPS Smart Watch:

Garmin vívoactive HR GPS Smart Watch


    • Long battery life
    • Heart rate measured


  • display may little bit dull when inside

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Garmin is really a good brand which uncovers the true potential for the sportsmanship. This can be a surprise one for the needs of a sportsman. There are some exciting features of this watch to meet the need for sports like swimming, running, riding and many more.

This watch is integrated with GPS to make sure counting heart rate successfully. In the event of long and grueling triathlon, the technology used in the watch can perform well according to your needs.

Luckily this watch is waterproof. When you are swimming this watch is on the right to indicate you and it is protected from any damage in the water body.

Battery life is really awesome and it can support you for eight days once charged for one time on watch activity mode. GPS mode may consume much more battery but it really is good to have enough lasting period like 13 hours.

This watch is compatible with smartphone and it is possible to get the notification for any update or change through this watch. The display is another issue to consider when you are going to buy a watch. Luckily this watch has high resolution and usable to any sunlight.

10. Beseneur F1 Sport Smart Watch with Camera GPS Bluetooth Smartwatch SIM Card:

Beseneur F1 Sport Smart Watch


  • Compatible with ANT+Devices
  • Data field setting
  • SIM Card usable
  • GPS Bluetooth


    • May not be updated with the needs

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Life is on the go with your sports. This is one of the triathlon friendly. Some features can make you decide to buy this watch.

When it comes to swimming, the common question is water resistance. Luckily this watch is water-resistant up to 50 meters. Additionally, battery life is an important consideration when you are far away in triathlon need. This watch can last three months for normal watch mode. But when you are on GPS mode, it can last for 11 hours which is pretty a good deal indeed.

This device is compatible with ANT+device and there is a direct connection with Golife Connect through which triathletes can get an update on weekly or monthly training summaries. In addition to this, the display can be one of the smart features being combined with strong backlight and the crisp monochrome display. It is more convenient to see all the things on watch at the wrist.

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Best Ways to choose triathlon watches

Now that we have discussed some best triathlon watch. You also need to know some factors before you make any decision on any watch. These factors can be effective enough to be smart with the smartwatch.

Make sure about Water Resistance

As triathlon watches can be categorized into three parts which are swimming, running and cycling, it is important to make sure that every watch must be waterproof and how long this can watch can be used underwater with GPS mode. There are different brands with so many features. A watch can work with a fixed limit under the measured meter of water. One should be sure of the effectiveness of the watch in terms of working under the water.

Make sure about Battery Life

Battery life is also another issue to consider very important. Surely you are not at home to take training and you are far away from your home. As long as you will stay with the triathlon watch should be charged in full. When you are stopped in the middle due to low battery life, everything is going in vain. So you should make sure long-lasting battery life so that you don’t have to face this type of condition.

Make sure about the Design

Choosing design also is an important factor. Some watch’s designs may have a little bit of weight. It may reduce the strength to perform strongly. So lightweight should be first priority. Additionally, the overall construction of the watch should be simple. The excess design may also be a reason for focus killer on your performance.

Final Verdict:

triathlon watch has been an essential choice for the triathletes to make sure better performance to reach success. There are also many brands in the market that may provide you with features that you need. But choosing the right triathlon watch can be a success indicator indeed.