Craftsman CMXEVBE17596 Shop Vac – 20 Gallon Wet/Dry – Buyer Reviews 2021

Craftsman CMXEVBE17596 shop vac is a heavy deal to go for heavy cleaning work. This is a wet-dry shop vac that has multiple functionalities for the solution to face extra-large cleanups indeed. Surely in the area of woodwork area, shop, garage, basement, there are large wet dry particles and it is a little bit laborious to clean.

When you want to have an easy solution in the Jobsite such as shop, garage, this wet dry shop vac is really wonderful solution to make sure smart and easy cleaning. So here you go to learn some excellent features of this great shop vac.

Craftsman Cmxevbe17596 Shop Vac Review

Craftsman Cmxevbe17596 Shop Vac


  • Heavy cleaning task
  • Large container
  • A lot of accessories

  • Big in size

Performance: Craftsman CMXEVBE17596 shop vac is one of the solutions to the bigger parts of wet dry messes and it covers large areas as well. The craftsman has onboard storage plus accessory along with a power cord organizer which helps sweep unneeded components.

Additionally, it is featured with a blowing port that directs high-speed exhaust air through the hose to make the most difficult task such as cleaning in the construction to blasting yard waste from the deck.

More importantly, this is wet dry shop vac that comes equipped with an extra-large drain that makes sure quick empty of the tank of the liquids.

Capacity: Different shop vac comes with different level of capacity. For in-housecleaning up, you may go for a lower level of capacity. There is a lot of capacity range according to the feature of the shop vac. luckily Craftsman CMXEVBE17596 shop vac is featured with 20 gallons of wet and dry materials. It means you are not frequent to empty your drum which saves time and hassle.

Heavy-Duty Motor: For the purpose of cleaning in the Jobsite, one should go for the heavy-duty power of the motor. 6.5 peak horsepower is really a good deal to go. This power works for giving you relentless service for cleaning purposes.

Filters: The filter is another issue to consider. This should be specific as there are different types of debris. Additionally, you need to use a filter that can easily catch up with dust and dirt. Craftsman is designed with a fine dust cartridge filter with a dust bag. More importantly, it has a quick-lock filter fastening system that makes sure quick and easy wet dry vacuum filters change.

Hose Size: Craftsmancomes with a large hose extension and it is 10 feet long. Extended Hose length is really added feature to make sure you can reach the closer area and larger area. Additionally, hose diameter stands for 2.5” which is really a good deal to pick up large size of particles. It is really needless to say that your cleaning up job is much more comfortable with the great shop vac like Craftsman CMXEVBE17596 shop vac.

Built-in Blower port: In the event of dry leaf falls or grass clipping, surely you need to choose the vac that has detachable blower capacity. With this feature of the shop vac, you can easily move those particles to a place according to your wish and vacuum up.

So Craftsman is also designed for blowing and it has a built-in blower port. The rear end blower on this shop vac has excellent work to clean leaves and grass clippings in the garden and outdoor.

Tank Drain: When you have an issue with wastewater, you should choose the vac that has a tank drain. The tank drain allows easily to empty the tank into the drain. Luckily Craftsman is designed with a good tank drain to make sure you can absorb wastewater and let the water go easily through the tank drain.

Accessories: Cleaning work with a machine means it includes a lot of issues. When you are going to clean your floor, you must need an extension wand and a floor nozzle. In the event of car cleaning, you need a gulper or utility nozzle and crevice tool that often comes in handy. When you are going to clean your workshop, a gulper nozzle or utility nozzle or claw nozzle are the most important accessories.

Craftsman wet dry shop vac comes with a lot of related accessories to feed your needs. There are accessories such as dual flex hose, extension wands, utility nozzle, car nozzle, crevice tool, wet nozzle, muffler/diffuser, Qwick lock filter, and dust collection bag.

So it is clear that this shop vac is perfectly usable to clean the floor, car, garage, basement, and workshop. When you are going to buy a shop vac that has multiple uses, you must make sure the accessories to feed your needs.

How to Use a Craftsman CMXEVBE17596 Shop Vac:

This is the most important segment about the craftsman wet dry shop vac. This is really an automatic machine that has multiple functions to make sure you feed your multiple needs. This Craftsman CMXEVBE17596 shop vac is professionally graded and you may want to buy this Vacuum cleaner. So you know some steps to use it in the wet condition perfectly.

  1. Firstly you need to unlock the motor from the top of the craftsman vac by popping up the locks behind the handles. This can help you get easy access to the filter under the motor.
  2. Then you have to pull the motor off the top of the vacuum to make the filter connected with the underside.
  3. After that, you should pull the filter out of the connector with the help of your hand and take it out of the vacuum.
  4. Here you need to place the motor back on the vacuum and get the handles back into the position.
  5. At last, you start vacuuming up the liquid. You should drain the vacuum when the motor is off. It is a caution that you have followed. Otherwise, the liquid will reach the motor and you have to clean it before nearing the motor. You turn off the motor and place out the liquid. In this way, you go cleaning liquid smartly.

Final Verdict

Craftsman CMXEVBE17596 shop vac is really a great need to solve your laborious cleaning task. Those who have a job site can use this shop vac to make cleaning work so easy and comfortable. This wet dry shop vac is available in the market and you can buy it online as well. We really hope that you go smart life with this smart shop vac.

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