Best DEWALT DCV517B 20V MAX Portable Cordless Vacuum Review

A Vacuum like (DEWALT DCV517B 20V MAX) is worth adding comfort and satisfaction in cleaning the floor, Jobsite, and blowing the dry leaves. There are so many vacuums over the years but there is also up-gradation of the vacuum. The vacuum was used for only cleaning dry particles. But the technology is getting update also. Now the vacuum comes with both combinations. A shop vac can work in both wet and dry conditions and it is the update feature.

DEWALT DCV517B Cordless Vacuum Review

Additionally, it has a blower feature to make sure people can clean the dry leaves, clipping grass in the front garden, etc. but the most advanced technology comes to us with the best cordless vacuum. This cordless feature surely is awesome because the vacuum is totally handy which adds more comfort and perfection to the cleaning job. Surely cleaning is not confined to a specific area where a corded feature can stop to go far away. When you have cordless, you go and carry this vacuum anywhere you need it.

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DEWALT DCV517B Cordless Vacuum Review

There are different shop vac or vacuum in the market and but not all the vacuum is appropriate because there are a lot of issues to consider. For example, you need to consider gallon capacity, filter, battery for being cordless, accessories, hose size, and so on. Today we have brought a vacuum named Dewalt DCV517B portable cordless vacuum and we are going to discuss some key issues to let you know about this vacuum so that you can have a better deal.

Tank Capacity:

When you are going to buy a shop vac, you need to make sure that tank capacity is much bigger. A bigger tank surely does not let you be frequency to empty the tank. The Dewalt DCV517B is such a type of vacuum that can be used for light cleaning works and the tank capacity comes at ½ gallon.

If you have a small store or wood workshop, this tank of ½ gallon capacity is good enough to support your cleaning work. So you get a good deal in terms of tank capacity of this vacuum.


The Dewalt DCV517B comes with the latest feature which is cordless. Surely cordless feature of a vacuum is an awesome deal to go because the vacuum is not connected to the port where the vacuum user gets stuck with the vacuum. The vacuum may need to be used un any place. This should be handy also to add better performance for the cleaning work. As this vacuum has a feature of cordless, you can add more perfection and performance in your cleaning work.

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Compact and portable:

A vacuum can be so helpful to clean the particle or dust when it is going to be easy to carry and operate according to the user’s instructions. Luckily Dewalt DCV517B is one of the best vacuums which is compact in design and portable in use. You should make sure of this issue when you are going to buy this type of vacuum.

But heavy in weight may be so hard to move the vacuum which in turn can be worthless to meet your needs. More importantly day by day, technology is getting so thin and compact to make sure the sure can get the best user experience.


The Dewalt DCV517B is a cordless vacuum and it means that it works with battery support. The vacuum has very highly efficient and powerful battery and it is powered by 20V Max. this 20V is perfect to make sure you can go for your required time to clean the floor and the area where you need it. The battery cell type comes to Lithium Ion which is really powerful for the work of cleaning activities.


The filter is the most important thing to consider when you are going to buy a vacuum. The filter is such a thing that traps the particles through air force. The performance of this filtration depends on the highly efficient filter. A HEPA filter is the best known highly efficient filter that traps 99.97% of particles or dust at 0.3 microns. This is really a good issue that you can get from this vacuum.


The Dewalt DCV517B is featured with dual clean-up modes for debris removable with front utility and extendable heavy-duty rubber hose. This is really an awesome feature to let you go through relentless cleaning and an effective cleaning job. More importantly, the hose efficiently works to clean the particles.

Easy Operation:

The Dewalt DCV517B is a feature with user friendly. This vacuum has a large on/off switch so that you can go with one hand easy operation. For this, any people who have little knowledge can operate this vacuum perfectly and easily.

When people are going to buy this type of vacuum, the vacuum should be much easier so that any people can operate with the help of any people. It is also important to note that this vacuum is lightweight so you just carry this vacuum with one hand and make cleaning work more successful.


Warranty is a good feature of the vacuum. Warranty surely ensures the quality of the product and satisfaction and confidence from the buyer side. When you are going to use this vacuum, there may be any damage to the parts. But don’t worry because this vacuum has warranty support that you can use. This warranty is 3 years limited warranty.

But there is a warranty policy from the consumers and every buyer should read this warranty policy so thoroughly. There are a lot of issues with the warranty. People don’t get this warranty support due to a lack of knowledge of the warranty policy.

Final Verdict:

The Dewalt DCV517B is one of the vacuum which can be an integral part of your life. A vacuum is a really wonderful support for cleaning the floor, space in the workshop, and store. The best thing to choose this vacuum is that it is lightweight and easy to carry so that you can aim according to your need.

This vacuum is cordless and you take and go anywhere you wish. This type of vacuum is really an awesome deal to go for better cleaning performance. So, these are the guidelines to make sure you can get this vacuum as your best deal.

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