DEWALT DCV581H Wet and Dry vac 18/20V Max With Buying Guideline

Who doesn’t want to maintain their home and their workplace in a neat and elegant condition? However, it surely takes a lot more than organizing and decorating stuff to make your place, and space appears refined and opulent. Even the simple dust and untidiness can sabotage the whole appearance of the room.

The best way to maintain a spotless and tidy home is to use a proper and efficient vacuum cleaner. However, in this article, we are going to advise you to use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner rather than going for a standard vacuum cleaner. We are stressing over this point with a valid reason. An excellent wet and dry cleaner has more suction power than a standard one and comes with a lot more great facilities.

A wet and dry vacuum is also known as a shop vac, comes with a powerful motor, a large storage container, and heavy-duty hoses. So, the main question arrives here, when going for a perfect wet dry vacuum for your home, which is the best product in these categories, which suits all of your needs and is also a budget-friendly one.

The answer to this question is DEWALT DCV581H WET DRY 18/20V MAX VACUUM. A 100-year-old company’s one of the highest-rated products.

Reviews of Dewalt DCV581H Wet and Dry Vac

wet and dry vac

The following article discusses the potential and workings of the product mentioned above in a concise manner.


This is a Dewalt companies‘ is one of the highly-rated products. It is a cordless/corded wet dry vacuum, which can be efficiently powered by either an 18v or 20v MAX battery or even with an AC Outlet. This product can also be operated, by electricity.

The DEWALT DCV581H WET DRY 18/20V MAX VACUUM comes with a HEPA rated wet/dry filter device that traps dust with a mighty 99.97 efficiency at 1 micron. The product facilitates ease of transportation because of its onboard hose and accessory storage.

This vacuum is equipped with a heavy-duty crush-resistant and fully integrated 5′ by 1-¼ diameter hose, which offers durability, resilience, persistence, and efficiency to the users. The item also features a compact-sized 2-gallon tank, which allows you to carry this appliance outdoor and indoor for the cleaning process.


dewalt dcv581h wet dray Vac

When talking about the physical attributes of the product, we can mention that the DEWALT DCV581H vacuum comes with dimensions of 17.2 by 12.3 by 13.1 inches. It weighs approximately 11.1 pounds.

One of the exceptional features of the product is that whatever power source the user is applying(either an AC Outlet or 18V OR 20V max battery), it delivers the same robust suction levels which are adequate for the cleansing purpose.

The Dewalt wet/dry vacuum can efficiently accommodate small and solid dust particles without any clogging issue, because of its adequate and decisive 5-foot hose which is 1.25 inches in diameter.

The HEPA rated/dry filter is washable and reusable, which prevents any kind of filter replacement issue. DEWALT DCV581H WET DRY 18/20V MAX VACUUM is specifically, designed to offer durability along with easy installation and usage. Its easy to use design provides a flexible hose that is crush-resistant and the onboard for the hose also provides the user to carry necessary equipment along with the vacuum.


The DEWALT DCV581H VACUUM has a great capability of efficient reuse and cleaning because of its HEPA filter feature. This appliance also comes with a crevice tool attachment along with a nozzle too attachment.

Since it has a great onboard storage facility, the vacuum is also capable of carrying the necessary tools and equipment to the outdoor and indoor working place.


The DEWALT DCV581H VACUUM is suitable for cleaning dirt, dust, and debris in your living room, garage, the indoors of car or boat, spillages on the carpets. It can also be used, for cleaning up the dust which accumulates after installing any drywall. The vacuum offers a noise-free cleaning process because this Dewalt vacuum cleaner is very quiet.

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When searching for the best wet/dry vacuum cleaner for efficient cleaning purposes, there are many factors, which are, to be considered. These factors can include the power level of the product and how it works with electricity or battery.

The purpose of the vacuum cleaner. ie is it for low or high medium cleaning tasks or heavy-duty tasks. The capacity, the weight of the vacuum cleaner. The features and the services offered by the vacuum cleaner.

If all these points are favorably present in one cleaner, it can be considered as the best vacuum for cleaning purposes. It should also be, stated that a wet/dry vacuum cleaner is a better choice than a standard vacuum cleaner. After going through the facts as mentioned earlier, features, pros, and cons, one can choose to opt for Dewalt wet dry vacuum.

It can be, concluded that if you require any powerful and professional vacuum cleaner for low and medium-duty cleaning tasks, then the DEWALT DCV581H WET DRY 18/20V MAX VACUUM is one of the finest vacuum choices available in the market.

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