10 Best Heart Strong Fitness Trackers Reviews

Nowadays, Health is becoming a priority for people due to the Covid-19 crisis. Everybody is taking care of their fitness either by eating healthy food or doing regular exercises. Also, they use advanced technology to keep fit. The wearable fitness tracker is one of them that is trending these days. The heart strong fitness tracker not only counts your heart rates but also keeps tracking of your step counts while exercising, calories, sleeping quality, and diet.

10 Best Heart Strong Fitness Trackers

heart strong fitness tracker

There are various types of wearable fitness trackers from well-known brands in the market. We are suggesting to choose the best among them by reading heart strong fitness tracker reviews as follows:

1. MorePro Fitness Tracker with Blood Pressure HR Monitor

The heart strong fitness tracker comes with innovative Matter Sensing & Control Technology to track your blood pressure and heart rates. Its unique sleep monitoring technology automatically measures your sleeping stages such as deep sleep, light sleep, REM sleep, and wake up.

You can use it for more than 14 exercises. Also, it has a moving reminder that guides you about your daily routine goals and prevents you from sitting for a long time. The waterproof and dustproof tracker has an attractive design with 5 brightness levels.

It can track also burned calories, time, and distance while jogging and running. Supporting iOS and Android devices, it can connect to the ‘VeryFitPro’ app to see the detailed data of your health. What’s more, you can take selfies without holding your phone by tapping on the tracker connecting to the app.

  • The Innovative Matter Sensing & Control Technology to track your blood pressure and heart rates.
  • Unique sleep monitoring technology.
  • Track more than 14 exercises.
  • Daily reminder about fitness goals.
  • Attractive design with 5 brightness levels.
  • Needs improvement in blood pressure counting.
  • Inconsistent in recording step counts.

2. Popglory Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

The fitness tracker counts all-day heart rate, distance, calories burned, and steps while doing exercises. You can decide your workout strategy as per its accurate counting.

The smartwatch has a large screen and works with more than 7 sport modes. It also shows the route map as you connect it to your phone’s GPS. The tracker can connect to the Android or iOS smartphone to see messages and emails, attend calls, and control music apps.

It has a sleep tracker that automatically detects your sleep habits and analyzes them. The IP68 waterproof tracker can be used while swimming and exercising in the rain. To accurately track exercises, the tracker has a stopwatch and time. Its battery can be fully charged for up to 7 to 10 days. The nice-looking smartwatch guides you to take a proper deep breath.

  • Counts all-day steps and heart rates.
  • 7+ sport modes.
  • Can connect to a smartphone to see messages, emails, and control music apps.
  • Large screen with adjustable brightness and can used in the sun.
  • Battery life up to 7-10 days.
  • Can’t connect to tablets and iPads.
  • The poor sleep tracking function.

3. Fitbit Inspire HR Heart Rate and Fitness Tracke

The fitness tracker works for 14 sport modes such as yoga, dancing, basketball, running, cycling, treadmill, walking, hiking, spinning, mountaineering, badminton, hiking, football, and tennis.

It counts pulses and heart rate for all-day activities. You can check the counting data in the app. It features a sleep tracker to automatically detect your sleeping quality. It includes a vibration alarm clock too. The fitness tracker has a moving reminder to prevent you from sitting for a long time.

The tracker doesn’t need a cable to charge it as it comes with a built-in USB plug. You can charge the watch by removing its strap while connecting to the plug. The waterproof tracker can connect to a smartphone to see messages, and attend calls directly on it. Even you can control your phone’s camera with the help of the tracker.

  • 14 sports modes.
  • Tracks 24-hr heart rates and steps.
  • Vibration alarm clock.
  • Reminder to take a break in a long-time work.
  • Built-in USB plug.
  • The screen can scratch.
  • Deemer display.

4. Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker

Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker

The heart strong fitness tracker comes with advanced heart rate sensors to count real-time heart rates, active zone minutes, and all-day calorie burns.

It features a built-in GPS to track distance and pace while walking. Also, you can see the actual data with a workout intensity map along with an exact route taken while exercising on the Fitbit app. It can track your sleep with stages like REM sleep, light, and deep. You can see your sleep score on the app as well.

Its other valuable features are auto- exercise tracking, and more than 20 sport modes. The waterproof tracker has reminders to remind you of the steps while swimming. It can connect to the Fitbit app to get a whole data of your fitness so that you can set your fitness goals perfectly.

  • Most advanced heart rate sensors.
  • Built-in GPS.
  • Sleep tracker with stages like REM sleep, light, and deep sleep.
  • 20+ sports modes and auto-exercise tracking.
  • 50M water-resistant.
  • Bulkier band.
  • Low battery life, battery works up to 2-3 days only.

5. Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker

Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker

The most advanced tracker comes with a built-in GPS to track real-time distance and pace while doing exercises. It guides for breathing with personal sessions according to your heart rates.

It includes a 24-hr heart rate monitor to track workouts, calorie burn, heart rate, and see health trends to decide fitness and health goals. The lightweight tracker features more than 15 sport modes and real-time progress while doing exercises. Its Auto-sleep tracking system guides your sleeping habits and comes with bedtime reminders.

The fitness tracker offers a personal dashboard to see your fitness and health progress. It has a larger backlit display and a swim-proof design as you can use it while swimming or taking a bath. You can get app notifications, messages, text alerts, and access to multiple apps on the tracker. The heart strong fitness tracker has reminders to move if you sit for a long time.

  • Built-in GPS.
  • Lightweight and durable and a larger display.
  • 24-hr heart rate tracker.
  • 7-day battery life.
  • Personal dashboard.
  • Can send messages only to Android Phones.
  • Can’t control music apps.

6. Fitbit Inspire HR Heart Rate and Fitness Tracker

 Fitbit Inspire HR Heart Rate and Fitness Tracker

The fitness tracker has a SmartTrack system that automatically recognizes your workouts and records its data in the Fitbit App.

It comes with a 24/7 hrs. heart rate tracker to track heart rate zones, calories burns, exercise sessions, and sleep stages. The Auto Sleep tracker analyzes your sleep stages and gives you tips for better sleep. The tracker comes with a silent alarm.

It records more than 15 sports modes. You can connect it to your smartphone’s GPS to see real-time distance and pace while doing workouts. It detects your all-day calories burn and collects data in the app so that you can decide your diet and fitness routine.

  • SmartTrack system.
  • 24/7 heart rate sensor.
  • Automatic sleep tracker.
  • Can connect to the Fitbit app.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Battery life up to 5 days only.
  • Can’t use in a sauna or hot tub.

7. Polar H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor & Fitness Tracker

Polar H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor & Fitness Tracker

The smart fitness tracker records the real heart rates while doing workouts with smart Bluetooth technology. You can connect it to the Polar Beat mobile app and can get a fitness training program based on your heart rates.

You can get real-time voice training while doing exercise. You can select more than 100+ sports modes. The tracker detects your distance and provides a real-time route map via your phone’s GPS. Also, it records your calories burns and trains you to do proper workouts.

You get real-time analysis of your all-day workouts training and activities from the app or the Polar flow web service. You can inspire your friends by sharing your training data from the app or web service.

  • Records the real-time heart rates by smart Bluetooth technology.
  • Can connect it to the Polar Mobile to get fitness coaching based on your calories burns and heart rates.
  • Real-time voice training while doing workouts.
  • More than 100 sport modes.
  • Water-resistant and efficient battery life.
  • Can’t connect to music apps.
  • Bug issues.

8. Lintelek Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor

The stunning fitness tracker detects heart rate for 24 hours. The heart rate sensor comes with an alarm that alerts you when your heart rate reaches a maximum level.

It also features the sleep tracking system collecting the data of sleeping stages such as shallow sleep, deep sleep, and wake up. It gives guidance about the quality of your sleep. It tracks your all-day activity with functions such as calorie burns, heart rate, steps counting, and walking distance, etc.

The specialty of this tracker is you get a phone call on it with a caller’s name and message. The tracker works with 14 sports modes. You can connect to the VeryFitPro mobile app to see the data of your daily fitness. You can take photos with your phone by just shaking the fitness bracelet. The waterproof tracker can easily be charged on a USB port by removing its band. Its battery works for 7 days.

  • 24-hr heart rate tracker with alarm.
  • Sleep tracker.
  • All-day activity tracking
  • Can receive calls, messages, apps notifications, and social media messages directly on the tracker.
  • Easy to charge and IP67 Life Waterproof.
  • Can’t use it while swimming or showering.
  • Hard to read the screen outside.

9. Garmin Vivosmart HR Activity Tracker Regular Fit – Imperial Purple

The well-designed fitness bracelet counts all-day activities, distance, steps, burned calories, and intensity of activities. Its special Elevate wrist heart rate technology tracks all-day heart rate and calories burned.

The barometric altimeter integrated into the tracker counts stair climbing. You can decide your fitness goals by seeing the intensity minutes of each workout in the tracker.

It doesn’t let you sit for a long time as it has a move bar with the vibration alert. You can control music apps, see email notifications, messages, and calls alerts directly from the tracker. You can record and share your fitness data on the Garmin Connect Mobile app or the Garmin Connect website on PC.

  • Counts all-day activities, distance, steps, burned calories, and intensity of activities.
  • Elevate Wrist Heart Rate Technology.
  • An Integrated barometric altimeter to count stair climbing.
  • The Move bar with the vibration alert.
  • Lightweight and has nice battery life.
  • Can’t replace the strap.
  • Doesn’t record walking distance.

10. Amazon Halo – Winter + Silver (Medium)

Amazon Halo Tracker

The amazing fitness tracker has science-backed advanced technologies to keep you fit and healthy all day. The tracker has come with an app with the subscription service.

It tracks all-day activities measuring the intensity of activities and duration of each movement along with sedentary time. It also tracks your sleeping habits. It helps to improve your voice by analyzing your tone of voice.

The other wonderful feature of the tracker is body composition measurement. With this feature, you can see your accurate body composition with body fat percentage through personalized 3D models. It can help you to decide your fitness goals. You can get regular health tips from more than 100 expert labs such as SWEAT, Headspace, Lifesum, Orangetheory Fitness, Relax Melodies, and many more.

The tracker takes care of your privacy as you can delete your fitness data anytime. The tracker doesn’t allow anybody to see your personalized data without your permission. The tracker’s strap is made with high-quality silicon and soft-woven fabric. The tracker comes with a bright LED light and a separate charging clip.

  • All-day activity tracking.
  • Analyzation of the tone of speech
  • Body composition measurement through personalized 3D models.
  • Health tips by more than 100 expert labs.
  • Keep your fitness data private.
  • Doesn’t have a screen.
  • The tracker is compatible with certain phones only.

Related Topics to Read More:

FAQs about Heart Strong Fitness Tracker

Q. How do you charge a heart strong fitness tracker?

Some fitness trackers can charge by removing their bands. You can charge bandless trackers attaching to the charging cable. This charging cable connects to the USB port which attaches to the computer.

Also, some trackers come with a built-in USB plug. Put the tracker into the plug by removing its band, then connect this plug into the USB port attached to the computer.

Q. Will You Track Sleep?

 Yes. Fitness trackers offer a sleep tracking function. The function automatically tracks sleeping stages such as shallow sleep, deep sleep, REM sleep, and wake up. The trackers guide you through the connected app about your sleeping habits as you can get a night of better and peaceful sleep.

Q. Do You Want Heart Rate Monitoring?

 Definitely. Being a heart rate monitor in the tracker helps to keep your fitness and health in balance. Fitness trackers provide a 24-hr heart rate tracker as it can track heart rates, burned calories, steps, and intensity of activity while doing workouts and other daily activities.

The heart rate tracker provides accurate heart rate data so that you can plan your future fitness and health goals.

Q. How do I connect my fitness tracker to my phone?

You can connect your fitness tracker to your phone by downloading the mobile app related to the tracker. After downloading the app, you can search your tracker on the app.

You can sync it to the app and set the personal profile on it. You will see personal fitness data such as heart rate, calorie counts, steps, distance, pace, and sleeping track on the app.

Some apps give guidance regarding your fitness based on your fitness data. Some fitness trackers offer enabled Bluetooth to sync it with the phone. You can control music and other apps, see call alerts, notifications, SMS, and email alerts directly on your tracker. You can use the tracker as remote control of the phone as you take photos by just tapping on the tracker.

Q. Is Fitbit bad for your heart? 

There are complaints of some Fitbit users regarding its heart rate tracking system. According to them, the tracker gives an inaccurate heart rate. There is a possibility of the tracker showing an irregular heartbeat. Such incorrect information can’t give a warning about heart diseases.

So depending on the Fitbit tracker could lead to ignoring the symptoms given by your body. You should consult your doctor before using a Fitbit tracker.


The screen-less tracker also features basic functions such as all-day activity tracking with calories burned, distance, steps, and sleeping habits.

All are the best devices for fitness tracking, but our pick is ‘Amazon Halo’ from the heart strong fitness tracker reviews. The amazing fitness tracker comes with a subscription service and an app. It has unique features such as voice tone tracking, body composition measurement along with body fat percentage by using your photos as 3D models, and health tips by 100+ expert labs.

You can keep your fitness data private as it allows you to delete or download the data anytime. If anybody wants to see your fitness progress, he/she will have to take your permission. It is made with high-standard soft woven and silicon fabric. The tracker provides a separate charging clip to charge it.

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