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Real Life Baby Dolls that Cry and Move: Top 5 Best Products

Real-life baby dolls that cry and move can be a type of toys or dolls designed to shape just like a human infant. The kids enjoy real-life baby dolls as they behave just as their parents do with them. These are cheap baby dolls that look real and have an impact on the kid’s or toddler’s life. They know how to communicate with them and show love to those baby dolls that look real. To understand this need, the doll designing and manufacturing companies are shaping the dolls in unique features to make it more real-life baby dolls that cry and move. The kids are more interactive when they get the dolls which are easily huggable, manageable, and soft in touch.

What are the Real Life Baby Dolls that Cry and Move?

There are different baby dolls according to different designs. Luckily the famous designer around the world is designing baby dolls to make sure what you need. And some baby dolls names here can be a good choice if you are doll collector. The most favorite real and true baby dolls are Benjamin so truly real, paradise galleries dolls, custom reborn dolls, Berenguer Dolls/ La Newborn, AWW! Baby boy Doggies, Paradise Galleries Reborn Fairy Doll. The price and features of those baby dolls will vary according to design. But there are also cheap baby dolls that look real.

5 Best Real Life Baby Dolls that Cry and Move

1. Benjamin So Truly Real Life Baby Doll

Benjamin So Truly Real Life Baby Doll

This is just like a newborn baby that looks truly real. And it’s realistic baby doll that cry and poop. This doll is easily movable and the kids can keep in their arms very easily. The design of this doll is really artistic and it is from Ashton-Drake Galleries. The kids can feel comfortable while taking this doll as it feels so soft. The handicraft design has ensured real touch with vinyl skin and shy brown eyes.

The size of the baby boy doll is only 17 inches that have enabled moving this doll easily and your kids can have a good time with this baby boy doll. The doll is not like a toy so adult people may collect this baby doll to keep at home. This baby doll can be easily available even if the sales tax you may owe.

There are good customer reviews of this baby boy doll for especially mentally sick people Though baby girls are much more interactive with this doll. According to the customer this doll has been used for patient of dementia, Alzheimer’s, and mental impairment.

One Amazon Customer says about this doll “He looks so real! His features make him look so cute! His hair is so soft! He feels like a real baby! The packaging/shipping was excellent”

2. Paradise Galleries Reborn Real Life Baby Doll

Paradise Galleries Reborn Real Life Baby Doll

Paradise galleries dolls are unique features of dolls and it is a California-based studio that has more than 20 years of expertise and experience. This baby boy doll is a perfect choice for your kids due to his blue eyes, silky brown hair like lions, tigers, and bears which looks really baby boy doll.

The design can really warm your heart because it is crafted with gentle touch vinyl with a weighted cloth body. However, this baby doll comes with three different outfits like 3 ounces, 3 caps, and a soft and cozy blanket. You may choose any gift whether you have a birthday, anniversary, and treating yourself. This one can be really good for the kids who are 3 years old and up.

The design can be unique and skillfully sculpted by Jannie De Lange an artist who has had wonderful knowledge for 15 years. Every doll is handcrafted from start to end which indicates as best sculpted and curated selection in the gallery.

One of the customers named Franci C says about the real baby body doll which is really funny indeed “Very cute doll. Very nice hair. My daughter loves her new baby boy. A neighbor thought the doll was a real baby and came over to tell us there was a baby left in our car. My daughter thought that was so cool.

  • Ready to Roar! With his big blue eyes and silky brown hair, Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My! Is 20 inches from head to toe, and is the cutest realistic baby boy doll you’ve ever seen.
  • Ready to Roar! With his big blue eyes and silky brown hair, Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My! Is 20 inches from head to toe, and is the cutest realistic baby boy doll you’ve ever seen.
  • Designed by European Jannie de Lange: Your baby is lovingly handcrafted from our unique GentleTouch vinyl for a finish that is as smooth as a baby’s bum. His premium ¾ vinyl limbs allow you to sit him in many poses, while falling into his sweet “mother-gaze.”
  • Gift ReadyHe comes in a collector's gift box. He comes with 3 different outfits including 3 onesies, 3 caps and a soft, cozy blanket.
  • Made with Love: This doll is created for the very same reason you collect them. We know that love, happiness, play, companionship and memories all matter. They matter to you and they matter to us. A must have for every doll collector.
  • An American Company: Paradise Galleries is in California. This means you can trust in the quality, safety and collector's value of this doll. He comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Our products comply with U.S., E.U., and other international safety regulations.

3. Berenguar Dolls/ La Newborn Real Life Baby Doll

real life baby dolls that cry and move

La Newborn is commonly known as realistic and truly baby doll. Parents may keep this baby doll to their kids to make them happy. Kids may have a happy mode as the La Newborn is featured with a soft smiling face with bright happy eyes and irresistibly cute toes.

This is really made of no-scented and washable vinyl which adds softness and smoothness to the touch. This is a really good feature for baby girls as they want softness in touching any objects their age. It is not a matter of feeling worried that it won’t last for a long time. Luckily this baby doll is waterproof and most durable for a long time. Children who are 2 years old or up can play perfectly with the size of this baby doll even if in the bath.

The unique design and some key features can make you decide to buy this baby doll because it has 8 piece layette gift set for dress-up like a short sleeve, pair of booties, hat, cloth diaper, and hospital bracelet that makes this doll real and true. Additionally, the legs, and arms of this doll can be easily rotated which makes it more fun for the kids. However, the size does not matter as it is 14” long and weighs about only 1lb.

You can boast to get this baby doll because it is made by JC toys which are the world’s most famous brand in manufacturing baby dolls.

  • 14" LAYETTE BABY DOLL & ACCESSORY GIFT SET // Perfect for dress up fun, includes diaper, diaper cover, bodysuit, t-shirt, booties, hat and two customizable hospital bracelets for baby and parent
  • POSEABLE ARMS, LEGS AND HEAD // Jointed at the shoulders, hips, and neck so you can rotate the legs and arms when adding and removing doll's clothing. He is 14" long and weights approx. 1lb 5oz
  • SAFETY TESTED AND APPROVED // Made from non-scented, BPA free, safety tested vinyl. Soft & smooth to the touch yet durable for years. Water friendly too
  • TEACHES CHILDREN NURTURING SKILLS // His washable and posable body promotes holding, cuddling and special care. He is the perfect size for children to hug and love
  • MADE BY JC TOYS // A USA Family run, award-winning baby doll designer and producer with over 30 years experience creating real-life baby dolls. Proudly designed by Berenguer

4. AWW! Baby Boy Doggies Real Life Baby Doll

AWW! Baby Boy Doggies Real Life Baby Doll

This can be a new collection but has so many features as a true and real baby doll. If your kids are so interested in playing with newborn babies, this one can be a perfect choice indeed.

There are some good features of these baby boy dolls which are all vinyl and it is only about 14 inch which can perfectly match the kids who are 2-3 years old. It is lightly weighted which enables the kids to carry it easily. There are fresh baby scent, manicured nails, glossed eyes, and a mouth that looks really like a true reborn baby. The outfits of this baby boy doll are funny to the kids as it has preemie size in baby clothes which also come with a hospital bracelet, belly button band, disposable diapers, and cloth diapers.

There is more design of this baby doll why you may choose anyone. However, you can get it well dressed in a similar one-piece outfit indeed.

“One of the reviewers says that I am an avid doll collector. Lately, my attention is drawn to newborns. Baby Boy Doggies looks like a real newborn baby. When I hold him next to some of the other dolls I collected, you can see the difference. Everything about this baby is so realistic! ! From his tiny fingers – down to his toes. He’s like no other doll I have ever seen. If I could have one wish – I would like him to be a bit longer. He is so tiny. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to a friend.”

  • LIFELIKE BABY DOLL: Yesteria reborn doll is 22” from head to toe with a soft and cuddly body. The ¾ vinyl arms and legs are scented with fresh baby powder. Her weighted cloth body is complete with a diaper for realistic play to develop social skills while engaging in nurturing pretend play.
  • HAND PAINTED DETAILS: Lifelike reborn baby doll designed by artists. The skin is a unique aspect of the baby doll, as every inch is hand-painted.
  • WHAT YOU GET: She comes in a collector's gift box, with a 9-piece baby doll gift set including a cute hat, puppy long sleeve, pink heart pants, socks, nursing bottle, nipple, diaper, certificate of birth, and a super soft plush bear friend.
  • The reborn girl has charming blue eyes and a fair skin tone, which comes with a plush bear friend and a certificate of adoption. Come on to rotate the arms and thighs of the doll to put her in various cute poses.
  • Yesteria Doll conforms to the safety requirements of SAFE ASTM F963 and EN71, made with love for children ages 3+.

5. Paradise Galleries Reborn Real Life Fairy Doll

Paradise Galleries Reborn Real Life Fairy Doll

Your option is to go a real reborn baby doll. Surely it is one of the best choices when you want to take a real baby doll. The design of this baby doll is well crafted that provides a real and true reborn baby.

It is a 19-inch length that is easily hug-gable and the touch body is soft to make sure comfort to your baby. More importantly, gentle touch can grab your requirement because it is made of vinyl ¾ vinyl limbs.

The color like purple violets and blue dresses are a combination to represent this baby doll in a realistic way. There are also sheer green wings with sparkle tulle overlay, purple bloomers, moss green booties, and a woodland hair wreath.

It is designed by the renowned designer Italian artist Fiorenza Biancheri. This baby doll comes with a collector box and includes a numbered artist’s signature.

No matter whether you are looking for this type of baby doll for a birthday, anniversary or mother’s day, this one can be a perfect choice to make sure you want to go a perfect gift indeed.

Are Reborn Dolls Real?

what are reborn dolls? Now the doll designer has brought the difference in real-life baby dolls that cry and move. It is just about shaping the realism and imagination of human infants by shaping baby dolls. The process of making a baby doll is highly known as reborning and the doll artists are termed as reborn. The main component of the reborn real-life baby dolls that cry and move is using vinyl and there are multiple layers with hand-painted and other soft cloths that are added according to design. The popularity of baby dolls which are reborn dolls real is on the rise. The kids are now interactive and they want to get the baby reborn dolls just as a human infant to add more fun and pleasure.

Additionally, according to the customer review, these dolls are not just used for the kids but the real-life baby dolls that cry and move are highly helpful for the patient suffering from Alzheimer’s and mental sickness.


Real-life baby dolls that cry and move can be one of the issues to collect for your babies’ kids. Luckily there are different types of real-life baby dolls which are available from different famous brand. The dolls explained above are the best brand according to customer reviews that you may choose from this list.

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