Best Realistic Baby Dolls that Cry and Poop: 5 Best Products

The early years of a baby are a great time of discovery and magic. Toddlers have a special quality of creating strong emotional ties with objects and toys in a kind of way that adults forgot long ago. They will make a connection between them and their baby doll. To them, it is not just a doll, it’s like realistic baby dolls that cry and poop. but rather a source of comfort and companionship for the infant. This explains why you should select the best baby doll for your child.

This article has five of the best realistic baby dolls that can cry and poop. All the products we list have been approved and meet the standards that are laid out for baby dolls. These are cheap baby dolls that look real always. Here are the realistic baby dolls that will always make sure your kid is happy. So let’s go to the reviews of Realistic Baby Dolls that Cry and Poop.

5 Best Realistic Baby Dolls that Cry and Poop

1. Aori Reborn Baby Doll 22 Inch Realistic African American Dolls with Sunny Bird Gift Accessories

The bitty baby is a baby doll that was released by American Girl. It was initially sold as Our New Baby and it was made for children to adapt when a new infant comes to the family. She used to come with bitty bear and a plush wishing star. This was up until 2013 and 2014 respectively. Currently, the baby bitty does have any extras that are added. Bitty dolls have a number of clothes but do not come with a name.


  • They are 15 inches tall.
  • Their limbs do not rotate.
  • Hair is molded and attached to the body.
  • They possess sleep eyes.
  • Neck strings are fastened to the left of the neck.
  • It has eyes that close and open.
  • You can change their clothing to more colorful ones.
  • It has smooth vinyl parts that make it feel cozy to share a bed with.
  • You can curate a personalized announcement for the welcome and even download one song.
  • Cannot stay in different poses
  • It cannot be washed using a machine

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2. Calin Charming Pastel Realistic Baby Dolls

Calin Charming Pastel Realistic Baby Dolls

These baby dolls by Corolle are ideal first dolls for littlest mommies. They are designed in France for children ages 18 months and above. It is a lightweight baby doll that has a soft and vanilla-scented skin that your child will fall in love with.


  • The baby doll has a soft beanbag body.
  • It can be posed to stay just like a real infant.
  • It is a 12-inch baby doll.
  • It has beautiful fine and silky hair that can be combed.
  • It is made using high-quality vinyl that makes its body smooth and comfortable to cuddle.
  • The baby doll has blue eyes that close and open resembling a real kid.
  • Vanilla scented skin that is soft.
  • It can be made in any pose because of the soft vinyl and bean-filled body.
  • The doll has a face that was made to resemble a real baby’s face.
  • It is difficult to dry when you wash it.
  • It will lose the amazing vanilla scent.

3. Baby Alive Sweet Tears Blonde Realistic Baby Dolls

This is one of the cheap baby dolls that look real. They can do a number of things like show emotions and cry.

realistic baby dolls that cry and poop


  • Her nose glows red when she is not okay.
  • She can say over 35 sounds and phrases in English to Daddy or Mommy.
  • The doll usually drinks from a juice box.
  • The package includes a doll,
  • thermometer, tissue, juice, bandage, stethoscope and outfit too.
  • The doll requires 3 AA batteries to function.
  • It has a soft body that makes it comfortable to cuddle
  • Shows emotions as it can feel sad and even cry.
  • It comes with other apparatus like tissue, thermometer, brush which she should use.
  • The doll requires the use of batteries.
  • This means that when there are no batteries then the doll will not be able to function as it is supposed to be.

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4. Baby Alive Super Snacks Realistic Baby Dolls

It is one of the baby dolls that poop. Yes, it actually poops. The baby doll is fed on noodles and wrapped on diapers just like your baby. You will have to change the diaper for the baby doll just like you also need to change your baby. This gives your baby a sense of bringing up in a way that they will also think of others.

Baby Alive Super Snacks Realistic Baby Dolls


  • She poops and the child can remove her diaper.
  • She can say over 20 words in Spanish or English.
  • She has a flip switch.
  • This is to make her speak to Daddy or Mommy at one given time.
  • Her package includes 2 accessories, brush, instructions, reusable doll food, diaper, and the doll outfit.
  • The material used to make the doll is safe for use by kids.
  • The baby doll has a soft and comfortable body that a baby can hold and cuddle.
  • It makes interesting motions and sounds. It has a sweet smell that is pleasant to the infant.
  • It can speak in English.
  • The baby doll is delicate in a way.
  • It should be handled with great care.

5. Aori Lifelike Realistic Reborn Baby Dolls


  • Legs arms with pedicure and manicure
  • Soft vinyl skin
  • The baby doll is 14 inches
  • It can speak English words
  • It poops and has to be changed diapers

Take Away

This article has covered a summary of cheap baby dolls that look real. Some baby dolls that cry and poop have been covered. Choose your baby doll wisely, one that will bring joyful life to your baby’s upbringing and they will also learn a lot from them.

  • The package comes with the following items baby clothes, an amazing baby blanket that is handmade, a plush neck pillow, a teddy bear plush that is chocolate scented, a baby doll bottle, a pair of socks, hospital bracelet, diapers, and a musical toy among others
  • Your baby can name it his own after you get a birth certificate for the doll.
  • The only con with these baby dolls is that they are delicate to handle.

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