10 Best Reviews of Shop Vacs in 2023 [Updated]

Shop vacs are cleaning vacuum that is used to clean the house, car, garage, or workshop. There are different types of shop vacs in the market. These shop vacs vary according to workload and performance to clean low to heavy particles. A vacuum can come in two forms sucking dust in wet and dry conditions and it can also be used as a blower to clean the dry area. However, there are the best shop vacs in the market and we are going to discuss reviews of shop vacs here in this article.

10 Best Reviews of Shop Vacs

The customer is looking for the best shop vacs according to their needs. We discussed below the best according to the need of the people. These 10 best reviews of shop vacs can be a good deal to choose from this peak indeed.

1. Vacmaster 12 Gallon shop vac

Cleaning is really a matter to be worried about if you live in a healthy and hygienic environment. Vacuum or blower is the smart choice for smart cleaning. Vacmaster 1210 can be one of the choices of cleaning work. This is one of the wet/dry vacuam in the market that has a 12-gallon polypropylene tank, onboard accessory storage, an extra drain for emptying, and also 11 accessories that can be very helpful for the work of the vacuum. It is easy to convert vacmaster 1210 from standard wet or dry vacuum to a detachable blower. This is the benefit of this vacuum.

Vacmaster 12 Gallon shop vac

It is really effective to use this vacuum for cleaning your car’s upholstery. It can suck any wet waste from the bending of any corner of the car easily. More importantly, 5 peak HP motor is another requirement from the review of the customer. Luckily this one can feed this need. The speed level is really workable enough to clean the waste in every congested corner in the house and car. However, there is a 12 feet cord that is easy to use in the place where this vacuum is being used. From the point of a safety issue, the cord is wrapped and has also a locking hose.

This is a wet/dry vac which can be a good choice for so many features. Additionally, there are thousands of say about the good working capability of this vacuum.

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2. Portable Compact Micro Shop Vac 2021000

This is another good choice to go with a vacuum for cleaning purposes. This vacuum is lightweight, portable, and known for wet/dry micro features. There is a 1 horsepower motor with a gallon tank. 6 feet power cord with comfortable cord wrap can add better workmanship while using this vacuum. More importantly, the customers are saying that this one is a good choice when you are concerned about the ergonomic problem. It is easy to use where there is no issue with ergonomics.

Portable Compact Micro Shop Vac 2021000

Shop Vac 2021000 Full Reviews

This vacuum is designed with great features to make sure you can get some necessary accessories which can be important while using this vacuum. There are a 4 feet hose, crevice tool, gulper nozzle, tool holder, and foam sleeve reusable disc.

Everybody wants a smart solution like all solutions with a single device. Luckily this one has all solutions because it is easily adaptable in case you want to clean any workshop, house or car. It is useful in cleaning.

Now that people seek for portability of the device to make sure easy use anywhere. This vacuum is portable which can be used in any place. For being portable, it is highly important to make sure lightweight. This vacuum is lightweight and one can use it by reaping the benefit of ergonomics. Another key feature that is found in this vacuum is tool bags can keep tools handy which adds better perfection in using this vacuum.

3. Vacmaster 6 Gallon Shop Vac

Vacmaster is a popular name in the market for buying vacuums. Vacmaster 6 gallon is one of the smart choices to go vacuum. It is one of the vacuums made of stainless steel which can ensure durability. It is also lightweight and easy to carry. This way one can use it very comfortably in accomplishing cleaning work. You can use it at your home, office, or any garage or for your car. The stainless steel tank can be a good advantage that can make the rugged demands of your job stand up.

Vacmaster 6 Gallon Shop Vac

There are some good features of this vacuum which are a powerful 3 peak HP motor and it can deliver suction for wet and dusty areas. However, this vacuum can work best with the voltage 120v-60Hz. A long cord can be a good option for people who want to clean in a broader space. Luckily this one has 12 feet cord that is extended to clean your house, garage, or car outside of the house. There are some good features of this vacuum which can be a good deal to go to. These include a hose, air control, contour handle, 2 extension wands, cartridge filter, reusable foam sleeve, multi-surface floor nozzle, and many more.

Another good option that you may choose is there is a dust bag. The dust bag is always expected as it has some benefits to make cleaning work more easy and simple.

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4. Armor 2.5 Gallon Shop Vac

Armor All 2.5 gallon vacuum can be a good deal to go for so many good sides of this vacuum. It is a perfect choice when you want to clean wet and dry conditions. It can work better to suck solids and liquids which can add a new experience in cleaning your house, garage, or car. This vacuum has liquids and polypropylene tanks that hold 2.5 gallons. More importantly, there are 6 amps 2.0 peak HP motor with ample suction power. It is really important to know this vacuum can be converted to a blower function easily.

Armor 2.5 Gallon Shop Vac

For making cleaning works perfect, it has 6 feet hose and 10-foot cord which is good enough to carry this vacuum. The hose generally comes inside the canister portion of the vacuum. However, the electricity or power level is required only 120v-60Hz. additionally, this vacuum is assembled with product dimensions 14.10 *1.37*14.36 inches that come with good features.

Auto shut off can be another key feature that detects automatically fill limit and prevents overflow. So there is a top handle and onboard accessories that make sure easy operation with this vacuum.

5. Dewalt DCV581H Wet-Dry Shop Vac

When you have a big concern over your cleaning work, Dewalt DCV581H Wet Dry shop vac can be a smart option to go. Some people are looking for the cordless operation of the vacuum because it is easy and convenient to use for cleaning without any cord. Luckily It has the special feature of providing cordless or corded operation. So it has 18v or 20 Max battery backup or an AC outlet that enables cordless use in cleaning.

Dewalt DCV581H Wet-Dry Shop Vac

This vacuum is featured with a HEPA rated wet/dry filter which successfully traps dust with 100% efficiency. Every vacuum should have a good-quality of the filter and it has also a good one. Additionally, the filter is easily accessible and washable to make sure you are not worried about getting this vacuum dirty always. However, this vacuum is also has a heavy-duty crush-resistant integrated 5” hose that indicates durability and flexibility. It is also easy to use because there are onboard accessories and accessory storage can be a good deal to carry this vacuum.

This vacuum is also featured a crevice tool attachment and also it has a wide nozzle attachment. But you may have to purchase a battery and charge it separately.

6. DEWALT DXV10P 10 Gallon Quiet Poly Wet Dry Shop Vac

For any clean-up operation at your house, office, and garage or in your car where dry or wet dust is available, you can clean with so perfectly. It is one of the powerful 10 gallon dual-stage wet/dry vacuums that has quieter operation for cleaning works. There is a powerful 5.5 peak horsepower motor that is enough to suck for cleanup works.


There is a good feature of this vacuum which is a built-in accessory storage bag that is perfectly attached to the backsides of the vacuum to make sure all accessories are organized very neatly.

Everyone wants a built-in tank and there is also a built-in tank drain that can easily remove liquids. The built-in blower port can be so powerful to blow sawdust and any particles, especially in the garage or any workshop. When you are going to buy this one, you can get a one-year full warranty.

7. AllAround EZ Series Wet/Dry Shop Vac 5895200 

Shop Vac 5895200 is one of the good vacuums for making cleaning work smarter than before. Cleaning with a vacuum is now on hand with this vacuum. This is wet/dry vacuum that offers the work of a big size cleaning work in spite of being small in size. However, this vacuum comes with a 2.5 peak horsepower motor and it has a 2.5-gallon tank. It is important to note that it is easily rolled casters and there is a top carry handle and side tank ha8. ndles which can be an important requirement for people who use a vacuum.

Shop Vac 5895200

The versatile accessories can be a great choice as it provides these without any negotiation. This vac is featured with 1.25 diameter tools, 7-foot hose, and 2 extension wands, dual surface nozzle, gulper nozzle, crevice tool, round brush, wall mount bracket. However, there is a rear blower that can be converted to a powerful blower.

Everyone seeks for a better vacuum which can be used in the house, garage or car. This is known as adaptable and solves your requirement. More importantly, it can be used for the heavy-duty workshop also. Additionally, this can make vacuums a versatile tool for any task with adapters and filters, and accessories. However, there are more features that can be a good option for buying this vacuum to make sure your cleaning work can be the best one.

8. HP Stainless Steel Wet Dry Shop-Vac 5989300

Shop vac is a leading vacuum in the market and going with this brand can be a good deal to go. This vacuum is known as a wet or dry vacuum which is featured with 5-gallon stainless steel. The structure of the steel tank can be a good option to go as someone wants more durable and long-lasting. However, this can be used for a huge workshop or very wet conditions in any area.

HP Stainless Steel Wet Dry Shop-Vac 5989300

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There are top and side carry handles and onboard cord accessory storage that help the issue of portability. The versatile accessories can be another smart choice for the vacuum seeker. Luckily this one can be a good one to go with versatile accessories. The lid latch and rear blower port, 1.25” diameter accessories, 7-foot hose, and 3 extension wands, crevice tool, gulper nozzle, and other important accessories are the features of this vacuum.

When you want to use it comfortably, it is possible to use it. It is very adaptable to carry in any bigger space or any big garage. In spite of being adaptable, it is really powerful to make sure you are not damaged easily. This vacuum can be easily used in the office, car or workshop without any issue. So you can make a good decision with this vacuum.

9. Shop-Vac 5989400 8 Gallon

Shop-vac is really a popular name in the realm of vacuum. Shop-vac has so many models of vacuum according to feature and price. The function of every vacuum may vary to different models. Shop Vac 5989400 is one of the smart vacuums for smart cleaning works. There are some features that have made this vacuum unique in the market.

Shop-Vac 5989400 8 Gallon

This is structured with stainless steel and it indicates more durability and power. Everyone wants a durability feature and stainless steel is an example to make things durable. However, there is a positive lid latch system that can support using this vacuum. There is another important feature like the rear blower port of this vacuum which can add more perfection to using this vacuum.

Onboard tool storage can be another good requirement for you because it dumps contents so easily to a drain. It is also easy to reach the on/off switch. More importantly, onboard accessory storage is also another good criterion to get a good quality vacuum. This one luckily is assembled in the United States of America.

There are high reviews of this vacuum product. One reviewer says that this vacuum is good but there is a problem with the accessories.

10. The PORTER-CABLE PCC795B  2 gallon

The porter cable PCC795B 20v Max 2 gallon is another good name in the world of vacuum. This vacuum works very perfectly with powerful suction for any clean-up quickly. There is a 2-gallon feature and it is also portable. One can easily use this vacuum so easily to make sure they can clean in the condition of dry and wet conditions. It can pick up any wet messes so easily.

The PORTER-CABLE PCC795B  2 gallon

The porter cable is designed with 34 CFMs suction along with a 7ft 8-inch hose with a wraparound storage solution. This vacuum also comes with good features like an onboard accessory that can be a good deal indeed. It is portable and has battery backup. So it is easy to clean without the hassle of wire. But battery and charge may be purchased separately. However, if you want to clean your house, office, or any close corner of the car, this one can be a perfect choice indeed.

How Do I Choose the Best Shop Vac?

Cleaning with a vacuum is a smart and efficient way. Cleaning the previous day was really hard because it was just about the hand that was used for cleaning purposes. However, technology has made this tough work easy with vacuum help. So smart life needs this device to clean comfortably. But there is a common question about vacuum buying as to which vacuum is perfect for cleaning works. When someone is planning to buy this vacuum machine they need to make sure of some issues. Now there are some issues to look for which can help buy a perfect vacuum indeed.

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Size and Capacity according to your needs

There are different vacuums of different sizes. The size is also designed with capacity. You may have a requirement about your needs as to which can be perfect for your specific area. More importantly, there is some vacuum which has 2 gallons, 3 gallons, 4 gallons and more. These gallons indicate that how more a vacuum can clean the area at a time. If your requirement is about a garage, you may need a high capacity vacuum. If your requirement is about your house, you may opt for a low capacity vacuum. However, the price also varies on the basis of size and capacity.

The requirement of Blower port/Detachable Blower

Now that vacuum is integrated with a blower port/detachable blower. It is really helpful for the people who want to clean in a close area. This system cleans that area very perfectly with the help of a blower. It may seem to the customer that you are going to buy a device that has two important functions.

Preference on right filter for doing the job

Most of the shop vac come with a good quality filter. But good quality is not enough at all. It should be right in doing the cleaning job perfectly. the filter may be clogged with large wet debris and dust when you didn’t get the right filter in your vacuum. For the customer who is planning to buy a vacuum, they are recommended to buy medium filtration for medium debris, and for wet debris, you are guided to buy foam sleeves over your filter.

Length of the Hose

The hose is like a pipe that sucks the debris from a dirty place. It is important to make sure the right length of the hose. There are different lengths and widths of the hose. Wider and thinner are available in the market. If you want to clean up a large scale of debris, it is better to go a wider hose as it can suck up bigger and more debris from the area where you are cleaning.

Plastic or Stainless tank

Tank in the vacuum is one of the considerable issues. Plastic is lighter and less weight but is not durable. It may be broken with the touch of any heavy material. On the other hand, stainless steel tanks can be heavy and durable. Instead, you should opt for what can be best for your cleaning work.

Are shop vacs more powerful?

Not all shop vacs are more powerful. But shop vacs may be powerful on the basis of the size and the work to clean the debris. Surely in the garage or workshop, powerful vacs may be required to make sure more cleaning work. When someone can clean the car or house, they can choose the less powerful vacs. The powerlessness will depend on the workload of the vacs. Some vacs have more than 16 gallon capacity with powerful motors which indicates that it is one of the more powerful vacuums. This one can be used in a larger area for cleaning work.

How do you use a shop vac without a bag?

It is a common question if you know about the work of a vacuum. However, it is important to know that shop vac without a bag can be recommended in case you are not cleaning the wet area. Using a shop vac without a bag can be worth giving you satisfaction. When you are in the process of cleaning dry stuff, you should use a bag for better performance. It saves also your shop vacs from any kind of damage.

How do I shampoo my shop vac carpet?

Shop vacs are typically updated with so many features to make sure one can clean in different conditions. It is also a question asked by so many customers. It is easy to shampoo your shop vac carpet. To do that, you need a decent cleaner with exact materials. Additionally, it is important to use hot water and foam as like shampoo and pressurized together. In this shop, the vac should be up to the task and easily can clean the carpet. The vac should have a big tank because of storing water to dispose of.


Q. Can I use Shop-Vac without a bag?

Shop vacs come with the bag. Whether you should use it with the bag is a common question. Using shop vacs can be worth saving you a lot of trouble. In case you are cleaning in the dry area and dry stuff, this can finish causing any mess inside the canister. More importantly, the filter can be clogged with debris and these can be leaked from stuff out of the vacuum. It is recommended to use shop vacs with a bag to get your vacuum as long-lasting and durable.

Q. Can you use a shop vac to clean the carpet?

The carpet is used in the house on the floor but the carpet is getting dirty stuff. It is really difficult to wash with any means. Luckily shop vacs can be an easy method to clean the carpet. There are some steps to clean the carpet with shop vacs. First, the carpet should be free and the vacuum will be used to suck dry particles. When there is a stain on the carpet, a carpet stain remover should be used taking the exact time. After that, there is some more direction for mixing water listed in the bottle of the cleaner. Wet-dry vacs can easily pick up wet materials. The vacuum can be used firmly to make sure you can clean the moisture from the deepest corner of the carpet. In this way, one can use a shop vac to clean the carpet.

Q. Can all shop vacs be used for water?

Shop vacs can be used for water but there are too many hassles. In case it is important to suck in the broken pipe created, it may be a good option. But it is not necessarily emergent to clean the large area. You may have much more problem cleaning work. But in case you want to use vacs for water, you need to have a big hose that can help go out any liquid particle in the right direction. Additionally, you need to be careful when you are going to use these shop vacs for water.

Q. Can you use a shop vac to pump water?

There are different features of shop vacs. Even updated features are also coming to add more customer satisfaction. People want to use shop vacs for different needs. When you have a garden, you may clean up with a good configuration of shop vacs. It is also possible to use a shop vac to pump water. One may attach a garden hose to the side of the port of the shop vacs which will pump the water to another location.  The wet vacs can perform well in this case which sucks water into the canister also.

Final Verdict

Shop vacs have made our life so easy for cleaning work. There are different shop vacs in the market that can be available according to different needs like house, car, garage, garden, and workshop. There are different types of shop vacs according to size and work, you may get vacs that can work according to your needs indeed.

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