Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106 Vacuum Review

Shark Navigator Freestyle is a bagless stick vacuum cleaner used to clean carpets and bare floors. It brings surprising suction power, a lightweight vacuum run in the best vacuum race. Never think about its battery-powered weak point, still, it has its great performance that will surprise you for sure. As we like Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106 can quickly transition from carpet to bare flooring because it consists of a dual-action design. The motorized brush rotates and sucks up dirt from each corner of your house. A single Vacuum is not only a cleaner but also great equipment to make your home completely dust-free. Want to learn more about Vacuum? Read our latest choice of best vacuum cleaner review.

Shark SV1106 Upright Cordless Stick Vacuum

  • Best for carpet and hard floors cleaning
  • Effective in cleaning pet and puppy’s hair
  • Great suction power
  • Includes a large dust cup
  • Lightweight, portable, easy to operate
  • Swivel action
  • Self-standing for easy storage
  • Though it’s not quite noisy and might bother skittish pets
  • No HEPA filter

The Reason Why We Like Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106

Unveiling a dual-action vacuum that is easy to navigate through the carpet and bare floors with a single button. I want to say again Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106-you all-rounder cleaning tool.

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Power, Speed & Efficiency

With a cleaning path of 10 inches, Shark SV1106 is capable of doing cleaning tasks. When you press the enable button, instantly get the action inside to be ready to clean out all dust and instinct shortly. Unfortunately, shag carpeting Shark Navigator can’t handle much! But, pet hair and puppy hair are highly cleaned with a motorized brush easily. In a vacuum, if you can’t handle the button with your wrist, it is hard to handle the vacuum and do the cleaning job. Fortunately, Shark SV1106 swivel steering is smooth and wrist-friendly, so it doesn’t need much effort to start. Cordless features are a great factor to choose this vacuum. Battery lifelines are good enough, you can work with it on bare floors for up to 17 minutes, and 12 minutes on carpet after 5-7 hours of recharge time.

Kerb Appeal

I always like that type of affordable vacuum that is tiny aesthetic and sophisticated in all cases. If I talk about design, it has silver and white shades that look classy. The manufacturer keeps the dust cup transparent, so customers can see when it’s full.

Cleaning Power

No doubt, Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106 is a powerful cleaner with vast suction power. You will see an opening port on the cleaning head that sucked large pieces of debris into its dust cup.  As I mentioned it comes with a motorized brush that acts as a “Trap” for a pet, and puppy hair and takes care of small particles also. The cleaning brush spins like a cyclone and sucks up all types of debris into a dust cup.


From plenty of features, the great thing is its weight. A lightweight vacuum cleaner, you can use with one hand and kill ugly dust easily. Now it’s simple to bear it upstairs-downstairs and any room with little effort. A little bother-free storage helps you tuck upright into the cupboard. You don’t need to purchase an extra cupboard as you have Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106. Though it has few colors available, I like the white and silver design most. 

This vacuum is designed for optimum support. As you can see it is portable and able to move anywhere quickly around furniture and corners. For a non-portable vacuum, you have to waste time to re-position and re-setup to clean stubborn dust. When you have Shark SV1106, no time would be wasted. The swivel allows you to reach under tables, beds, and couches. Shark’s rubber wheel is smoother and adjusts with wooden floors and won’t go for damage or mark as it has smooth finishing.

Charging Shark SV1106 is simple. It comes with a charger base that needs 4 hours to complete the charge. It uses advanced charging technology. Once it is fully charged, it will automatically turn off. Then leave it on the base to prevent overloading charge. As it has a replaceable battery, you can change it when it dies or fails to give you optimum support. Actually, it works for 17 minutes on a bare floor, and 12 minutes on carpet after fully charging. Your expectation may be high, but honestly, battery longevity depends on some factors such as the dust you clean, and the deep carpets you pressure for cleaning.

It includes 2 filters, a mesh, and a foam, which works for washing. You should clean both regularly. This Shark model doesn’t need any cleaning filter. It’s really simple to use!


This model offers a 0.29-gallon dust cup for a stick vacuum. This dust cup is very easy to make empty. Simply tap on the button, then release the dust cup, and instantly dust content will go to the bin.

Floor Type

This machine works great on hard floors and carpets. Plus point is a motorized brush that has optimum suction power so a small particle never is missed out from cleaning. Unfortunately, you can’t use it with the shaggy carpet but for short fibers carpet, it just worked. Press the button with your foot to change the mode carpet and hard floors.


This machine doesn’t come with an extra attachment, because you don’t need it! The cleaning head is the main attraction who is an expert in multi-tasking. If you like to choose a vacuum that nothing just works but doubles as a bed, furniture, and pet hair cleaner, the Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106 has no time to place it on your cart. It also provides brushes, crevice, and upholstery tools. It doesn’t need an additional pet-hair tool, built-in brush head can work to catch and trap all pet and puppy hair. So why do you need a separate tool?


You can’t expect a HEPA filter on this Vacuum because no one is going to provide HEPA at a low price. Those who suffer from allergies and love to live with pets should not use this Vacuum. The filtration system is just fine if you have no issue with allergic disease. The price is considered in all cases, it not only supports your financial condition but also is a great tool in your life at a cheap price. If you have a good budget, you can go for another Vacuum Cleaner that uses HEPA filters.


Unlike other cordless stick vacuums, the Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106 is designed to be used in large homes and apartments. Storage, easy operation, and quick clean-up process make the Vacuum outstanding. Leave it standing, it will clean the dust without forcing you. Don’t be afraid, it won’t damage the battery. When the battery life cycle reduces, you just swap it out and replace the battery. It doesn’t have any upholstery attachments, but if you require a battery-powered cleaner and have a combination of hard surfaces and carpets that get strewn with fur, you’ll be quite happy with this cleaner. You’ll be ecstatic with the pricing as well!

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