The Best Shop Vac 2021000 Micro Wet Dry Complete Reviews

Cleaning is really laborious work. People often were habituated to working with hand ways to clean the house, workshops, garage and commercial space. But now with the help of technology, there are the best shop vacs which are designed to work in dry and wet conditions. It sucks up debris such as fine dust, particles, and dirty water with its hose. Additionally, its blowing capacity is really another deal to blow dry leaves.

So, in this article, we are going to talk about shop vac 2021000 which is commonly known as a micro wet dry vacuum. You may know its capacity, motor power, filter efficiency, accessories, and how to use this shop vac. Additionally, there is more shop vac with different capacity and functionality which may feed your needs and you can read this article named 10 best wet dry shop vac.

Shop Vac 2021000


Shop vac 2021000 micro wet dry vacuum is now available to make sure you can easily clean your household. This is a perfect solution for picking home, garage, workshop or best automatic cleaner for your car. this shop vac comes with wet dry features to be used for multiple purposes.

It is also very important to note that this shop vac is well designed to make sure you are much more convenient for the wet and dry carpet, floor, garage, and basement. It has also a powerful suction capability to provide you comfort and satisfaction.


Shop vac 2021000 micro wet dry vacuum has 1 gallon of tank capacity. When you need is a small space, you can go with this shop vac at a very lower price. According to the user experience, it has a powerful suction capacity to make the cleaning work so easy and comfortable. As it is a micro vacuum, the one-gallon tank capacity is worth enabling your needs without any help.

Heavy-Duty Motor

This shop vac is designed with a 1-gallon capacity but it has a 1 horsepower motor. There is no issue to be worried about this motor power. The motor is well rated and heavy powerful to complete your cleaning works in the house, garage, basement so conveniently. Most importantly suction power has been rated as heavy with this motor power.


For any type of shop vac, the most important consideration is that filter efficiency. This shop vac comes with reusable disc filter bags. Additionally, a foam reusable filter bag and a collection disposable bag. This filter efficiency helps you dealing the wet-dry debris so easily. It is also important to note that the filter bag is easy to use in the event of emptying the reusable bag. Anyone can go with the filter process with the help of any person.

Hose Size and Power cord length

This shop vac has 6 feet power cord and 4 feet hose which is a really good deal. As you want to go with a simple and lightweight shop vac, this one perfectly meets your needs. So, the total length of the hose and power cord stands at 10 feet which is really perfect solution for single-family or small space of the garage and basement. You are also getting 1.25 diameter of the hose to make sure you can suck up the large particles easily.

Easy to use

Micro 1 gallon and 1 Horsepower shop vac is portable and with wall bracket, wall mounted tool holder and fold down top handle to make sure you can easily use this shop vac. So, there is no issue to be worried about where you are going to place it as it is small in size and easily portable. Not that you are using a heavy machine that may add up hassle and strength indeed.


Shop Vac 2021000

This shop vac comes with some excellent features of the accessories to make sure you can clean in the wet and dry condition. There is a hose, crevice tool to use for each car seat cleaning purposes, gulper nozzle, kits, wall mounting bracket, wall mounted tool holder, and so on. The attachment of these accessories is so easy to go as it is small in size and easy to set up these accessories. No matter you are going to clean your car seat, wet floor, or floor with fine dust, you just set up and go cleaning

How to Use Shop Vac 2021000

Shop Vac 2021000

Surely there are user manuals of every shop vac where there is details user instruction. Firstly, you need to read that manual thoroughly to go safely for cleaning work. But we can suggest you with common and general use instruction for any shop vac.

  1. Firstly, you should check the accessories in case there is any blockage or water clogged in the hose and other accessories.
  2. After that, you should set up the accessories perfectly.
  3. Then you should switch on the shop vac and go cleaning easily.
  4. Safety first is the main concern for operating any shop vac. So you should follow the safety procedure.

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Final Verdict

So, it is clear that this shop vac is a one-gallon capacity that feeds the needs of cleaning houses, small space, and garage. Really this shop vac is a wonderful solution to go easy cleaning indeed. Surely you should know the details functionality of this shop vac at first and then you should make a decision to buy it.

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