The Best Shop Vac 5895200 2.5 Gallon Wet Dry EZ Series Vaccum – Complete Review

A shop vac is an effective auto cleaner that makes cleaning work so easy. Now, this Shop Vac 5895200 2.5 Gallon Wet Dry EZ series shop vac comes with multiple features such as in the wet and dry conditions. Traditional shop vac may be designed with only one purpose which is either wet or dry. So Shop-vac 5895200 2.5 gallons wet dry is one of the best shop vac which is easily used in the home, garage, or commercial space.

When you are going to make a decision on this shop vac, we are here to let you know more details about the performance and functionality of this shop vac. Additionally, there are different shop vac with different capacities. You may also know the best wet dry shop vac to feed your needs.

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Shop Vac 5895200 2.5 Gallon Wet Dry EZ Series Review

Shop Vac 5895200 2.5 Gallon Wet Dry


Shop vac 5895200 2.5 Gallon Wet and Dry is one of the great deals to be used in your household, kitchen, carpet cleaning, stairs, and ceiling fan. So it is a little bit useful for this type of area so smoothly. This is also wet dry shop vac which can be used for multiple purposes such as wet conditions and to clean dry debris. It delivers 56 in of water lift and 130 CFM of quiet airflow for cleaning carpets, workshops, and kitchens. So there is no worry to clean those areas as it is one of the powerful shop vac which can enable your heavy cleaning work so easy.


There are different levels of gallon capacity of the shop vac as usual in the market. When you are in need of cleaning your kitchen, carpet, households, and a small part of the workshop, you may go with a minimum of 2 gallons of capacity. Luckily this shop vac comes with a 2.5-gallon capacity which is enough to use in the area such as house, carpet, and kitchen.

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Motor Power

So the motor power is another issue to consider. Luckily this shop vac is designed with a 2.5 horsepower motor that is capable to perform the cleaning of houses, carpets, your workshops, and so on. Additionally, this motor power is good enough to carry on your work so smoothly as it works relentlessly and but it does not get hot at all. More importantly, the motor has 3 years warranty which ensures a good feature of this shop vac.


Even if it looks like a small shop vac, but its functionality is commendable. The filtering efficiency lets you perform the cleaning work more easy and comfortable. This shop vac is designed with a foam sleeve filter that keeps the motor safe and there is also a disposable collection bag that allows for easy removable of debris.

In this way, your cleaning task is much easier. So it is important to note that you must make sure efficient filter capacity that makes sure managing fine dust and performance in wet conditions.

Hose Size and Cord Length

The longer hose is covering a larger part of the area. The traditional shop vac has a short hose that protects you go into the larger area. Luckily you can get 7 feet hose and 18 feet cord length which equals 25 feet. It means you can work for cleaning work in the 25 feet area which is really a good deal to add satisfaction and comfort in the task of cleaning work. It is also important to note that this hose has a 1.25 diameter which indicates to suck larger particles and fine dust that has no interruption of clogging.


This shop vac has another great feature of cleaning tasks which is blowing dry leafs and grass clippings. This blower port is really so efficient to allow you to reverse airflow so that you can smoothly clear surface dirt. The blowing capacity is highly powerful to move the dry leaves where you can and vacuum them according to your needs.


This Shop Vac 5895200 2.5 Gallon Wet Dry has so many works to make sure you can clean the area so smoothly. Surely the accessories are high quality and easy to the attachment. This shop vac includes extension wands, multipurpose nozzle, crevice tool, round brush, gulper nozzle. These accessories are also easy to store in the attached rear tool basket that makes it convenient indeed.

Surely these accessories are so efficient and effective to clean the inner source of the carpet, seat, and kitchen where it is really difficult to get the dust-out. So you can use these accessories to make the cleaning work easier by using these accessories.

How to Use Shop Vac 5895200 2.5 Gallon EZ Series

Shop Vac 5895200 2.5 Gallon Wet Dry
Shop-Vac 5895200 2.5 Gallon EZ Series Wet/Dry Vacuum

Surly when you have bought a shop vac, you can get a user manual on how to use it. This Shop Vac 5895200 2.5 Gallon Wet Dry has also a user manual where you can get ideas on how to use it perfectly. But we can give you some general information on the use of every shop vac and those are given below.

  1. You check the accessories about their fitness.
  2. You should attach the accessories perfectly according to the manual
  3. You have to make sure there is no dust and water clogged in the hose.
  4. Switch on the vacuum and go cleaning according to your needs.
  5. Don’t forget to follow the safety procedure first.

Final Verdict

It is needless to say that this shop vac is the best performer in cleaning fine dust or wastewater with its capabilities. Additionally, the accessories are high quality and you may use them to feed your needs. Surely you are going to make a great difference with this shop vac by erasing tough jobs such as cleaning.

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