Shop-Vac 5989300 5 Gallon Review 4.5 Peak HP Wet/Dry

Cleaning wet and dry particles has been so easy now as you may use a shop vac that makes the cleaning work so easy. When you are thinking of a shop vac, shop-vac 5989300 is one of the popular name.The shop vac 5989300 is known as 5-gallon shop vac in heavy wet dry cleaning task. It is designed with wet dry debris cleaning capacity.

There are a lot of issues to know about this great shop vac so that you can have a durable and most effective cleaning task in your jobsite. Additionally, there are some good rated shop vac and you may know 10 best wet dry shop vac.

Shop-Vac 5989300 5 Gallon 4.5 Peak HP Wet/Dry Review


Shop vac 5989300 is the best deal to go for excellent performance of this wet dry vac. As it has features of wet dry materials cleaning, one can get it for heavy cleaning work. When you have shop, garage, basement and you are so bored of waste water and dry components, this can be an effective way to remove those unexpected materials.

The air power of this shop vac is a function of suction and air flow at an operating point that cleans the wet and waste particles. More importantly this shop vac is an effective tool to blow the dry leafs in the garden, sidewalk and backside of your house.


There are different ranges of capacity of shop vac which is from 2.5 gallon to 18 gallon. When you feel the need to clean a little bit smaller area, this shop vac is really one of the best deal to go. It is featured with 5 gallons which is a great deal to store your messes. More importantly you can add 5-8 gallon disposable filter bag and you may buy from other source indeed.

Heavy Duty Motor

Shop vac 5989300 has powerful motor that take the cleaning work so easy. The heavy duty motor is worth adding efficiency and it is 4.5 horsepower that provides airflow of 175 cubic feet per minute. It is important to make sure that the motor has a 3 year warranty. When you are going with the issue of wet dry shop vac, you must make sure the powerful motor like this one.


A vacuum means a good filtration process. This filtration works to get rid of all particles in perfect way. This shop vac 5989300 has two part filters that indicates multi-functionality. There are cartridge filter and a foam sleep to filter debris in effective way. When there is excess liquid from the filtration process is stored in the tank of the vacuum, it is easily drained. Additionally 5 gallon disposable filter bag is another deal to remove when the bag is full.

Hose Size

Hose should be extra-large and easy to carry. Luckily hose of this shop vac 5989300 is extra-large that comes as 7 feet long and flexible. Additionally the diameter comes with 1.25 inch that indicates it can absorbs large particles. Though this shop vac can be used as home cleaning, industrial and commercial purses where the size of particles is little bit small.

Built in Blower Port

When you need to clean the dry leafs and grass clips by using air to move those particles to a specific area, the blower feature is really one of the good deal. Shop vac 5989300 is designed with built in blower port.

You just need to attach the hose to the rear port where reverse airflow can turn the vacuum into a perfect blower. When you have full of blast dirt and materials free from cramped areas where the use of blower is much more effective compared to other form of vacuum.


The shop vac 5989300 comes with some excellent composition of accessories according the needs of the cleaning task. First of all it has 10 inch wet dry nozzle that covers extra-large floor and it takes shorter time to clean the floor. It also boosts the cleaning work so effectively.

Crevice tool can be an effective tool to make sure cleaning in the tight areas such as furniture, car seats where it is difficult to clean the debris due to tightness.

Gulper nozzle can be another important accessories to make sure thick debris so easily. Additionally you can get tool holder that keeps the shop vac accessories to be organized and accessible.

Stainless Steel tank

The stainless steel tank makes the shop vac so hard and resistant to make sure you can resist grime and damage so perfectly. This feature makes sure the shop vac durable and easy to move from one place to other place safely.

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How to Use Shop-Vac 5989300

When you are going to know how to use wet dry shop vac, there is a manual with the shop vac. You need to carefully read out the manual to make sure you can operate this shop vac so easily. But now we are going to let you know some simple instruction to make sure you can use any type of wet dry shop vac.

For dry debris

Firstly you need to open the vacuum up by unlatching the lid latch with the help of your hand on the top of the vacuum. You make sure checking the inlet deflector to ensure there is no blockage. It is important to note that the inlet deflector is underneath the power unit assembly.

After that you have to slide the cake shape cartridge filter over the flat lid cage that make up the top of the vacuum cleaner. You need to attach the filter retainer perfectly on top of the cartridge filter. You should tighten until it is perfectly locked into place.

Then you bring the vacuum hose out and it is time to turn the power switch on to start cleaning with vacuum.

Final Verdict

The shop vac 5989300 is one of the best deal to solve extreme cleaning works. When you are searching a solution of this heavy work, this one can be your best solution for any type of house, commercial space, garage and so on. Before buying this type of product, you need to spend time on functionality and accessories combination so carefully.

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