The Best Shop Vac 5989400 With 8 Gallon 6.0 Peak Hp Stainless Wet Dry

Today we’re here to share with you the best Shop Vac 5989400 with 8 gallons peak hp stainless wet & dry. A shop vac is now an indispensable part of a comfortable life because it has all capabilities such as picking up dry debris, sucking wastewater, and blowing leaves. There is a different type of shop vac in the market but you need to spend a little time knowing different issues such as performance, capacity, accessories and how to use this shop vac?

Shop Vac 5989400 Review 8 Gallon

Surely, we are going to let you know some important issues of this shop Vac to make sure you can use it for daily cleaning works. Additionally, there are some commercial graded shop Vac with higher capacity and multiple cleaning tasks such as wet-dry debris. Additionally, these shop Vacs have excellent blower feature to clean the front ground, garden and back Side of the home where there are dry leaves and grass clips.

Shop-Vac 5989400


Shop Vac 5989400 is one of the great vacuums and you can use it for wet dry messes. Now that people are feeling the need for wet dry shop vac simultaneously so this shop vac comes with great feature multiple uses.

You have a garage, basement, commercial space and car, your cleaning task is smarter than before because it has multi-functionality with multiple accessories. This shop vac 5989400 is designed industrial-grade and it is not an issue about the use in the garages, basement, or commercial space.

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A shop vac should come with a larger capacity. Luckily this (shop vac 5989400) is designed with 8 gallons to hold debris that make you feel at ease and you are not most frequent to empty the gallon tank. Additionally, you can use it for a longer time due to its excellent capacity. In case you want to clean in the larger areas such as garage, basement and commercial space, this capacity defines that you can take less time to empty the gallon tank.

Heavy-Duty Motor

Shop Vac 5989400 comes with powerful use and portable feature. When you are worried about heavy cleaning issues, the capacity of the shop vac is the most considerable issue. So, this shop vac is featured with a 6 horsepower motor which indicates it is one of the best shop vac to perform heavy and relentless work.

No matter the particles are in large size or wet wastewater, all these cleaning tasks go simple with this shop vac. According to the industrial graded shop vac user, it is smooth and better to go cleaning work in case the motor capability is a minimum of 6 horsepower motor.


Shop Vac 5989400 comes with a good filtration capacity. This has a cartridge filter and foam filter. When you are going with dry debris, you can easily use a cartridge filter. Additionally, foam filter is another deal of this shop vac that can be used for wet wastewater. It is also important to note that this shop vac (shop vac 5989400) comes with the easy set-up of 5-8-gallon disposable bags that let you go for a relentless store of debris.

Hose Size

The size of the hose is the most important consideration while choosing the shop vac. Luckily this Shop vac 5989400 comes with 7 feet length which is really awesome to clean in the larger area. Additionally, the diameter of this hose comes with a size of 1.25 that picks up large particles easily.

Rear Blower Port

When you are going to choose a shop vac, you may get a blower feature. Luckily Rear blower port is capable to move out dry leaves and grass clips. The Shop vac 5989400 really is a wonderful solution to make sure you can go with this blower feature.


shop vac 5989400

Vac Master is designed with a lot of important accessories to let complete the cleaning works according to your needs. These accessories include 3 extension wands, 10-inch wet dry nozzle, crevice tool, gulper nozzle, tool holder, floor nozzle, and so on. These accessories are wonderful to make sure you clean the floor, car seat, garage particles and commercial space where you are so tensed with this wastage.

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How to Use Shop Vac 5989400?

A shop vac works with different accessories for cleaning needs. When you have already bought this shop vac, you should know how to use it in your area. When you are going to buy a shop vac you can get a user manual that has instructions on how to use it. You have to read the manual so carefully so that you can use it perfectly and effectively. For any type of shop vac, there is simple instruction these are:

 1. Connect the hose and accessories at first.

For the purpose of suck, you add the hose head into the hose socket and then you have to turn it to be a lock for the blow. After that, you should take off the outlet frame and ensure the connection to hose the outlet socket.

2. Then you set connection the tube to the end of the hose

You may set different accessories according to your cleaning needs.

3. Turn on the machine and you go for cleaning work smoothly.

Above all, you must follow the safety procedure properly.

Final Verdict

It is needless to say that when you are in difficult conditions to clean your space, garage, basement, a shop vac is worth adding comfort to beat this laborious works. Shop vac 5989400 is a good deal for its multiple works and heavy cleaning purposes. This shop vac is really featured with a lot of accessories according to your cleaning needs. So, it is important to know so that you can use it properly.

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