Top 5 Reborn Dolls for Your Kids – Completed Buying Guideline

Reborn dolls are dolls that are molded then handcrafted by artists to achieve realistic looks of life babies. The process of transforming a manufactured doll to have features that resemble a real baby is known as reborning. These are the best cheap baby dolls that look real. It is a process that is performed by artists who are highly experienced. They take time to incorporate different features that transform the dolls into realistic looks. A close look at the dolls you will identify features available on real human beings. The artists who engage in the reborning process are referred to as reborn.

 What are reborn dolls?

They are dolls made to mimic features in real babies. You will confuse them with real babies as they are made to reveal the features of babies in real life.

What are the top manufacturers of reborn dolls?

You can get the top list of reborn babies below. I took the time to research the different brands available to list for you the best reborn babies below. I also researched the best realistic baby dolls that cry and poop.

Top 5 Reborn Dolls Reviews in 2020

Photo Title Price Buy
Aori Realistic Reborn Doll 22 Inch Lifelike Handmade Soft Body Toy Weighted Reborn Baby Girl with Panda Gift Set $59.98 Buy from Amazon
Paradise Galleries Reborn Baby Doll in Lifelike Flextouch Silicone Vinyl Little Lara, 20 inch Weighted Girl Doll, 5-Piece Set Buy from Amazon
Kaydora Reborn Baby Doll, 22 inch Weighted Baby Lifelike Reborn Doll Girl, Lucy $64.99 Buy from Amazon
The Ashton - Drake Galleries Tasha Edenholm So Truly Real Lifelike Poseable Baby Girl Doll: Little Peanut - 17" Buy from Amazon
Wamdoll 18 inch Rare Alive Sleepy Silicone Reborn Baby Dolls Feel Real,May God Bless You $58.99 Buy from Amazon

1. Aori Lifelike Reborn Baby Doll

  • ❤Reborn baby is 22 inches/55cm from head to toe,with soft weighted body for a real baby feel,kids can hand her to everywhere.Baby doll can fit into newborn size(0-3months) baby clothes.
  • ❤Reborn baby has a realistic looking.Hand applied brown eyes,handmade beautiful brown wig hair.the arms and legs could be moved and poseable.Real looking expression will make your kids feel like playing with friends.
  • ❤The baby dolls is a great choice for kids' birthday present,Christmas gift,preschool and home activity,role playing and nuturing play.The reborn doll is also a good choice for granma's accompany and collectors collection.
  • ❤The doll's head,3/4 vinyl arms and 3/4 vinyl legs,conforms to the safety requirements of ASTM F963 and EN71 for ages 3+,which is safe to your children.
  • ❤Package includes:Reborn doll*1,Suits of panda *1(just like picture),Hand bag *1,Magnet pacifier *1,Bottle *1,Birth certificate*1.

Aori Lifelike Reborn Baby Doll

  • Handmade Soft touch
  • High-quality hair
  • Can be dressed up

  • Can’t blink

It is a reborn baby doll that comes with a soft body. The doll achieves a realistic body making it serve as the best reborn baby. It is a handmade doll which incorporates different features, from a close look at the doll; you will think you are handling a real baby. The inclusion of baby clothes will make you develop the picture of handling a real baby. There are different features incorporated in the doll that make it look real.


Handmade doll: To achieve the effects of a real human being, the doll has been handmade to bring out the feel of a real baby. With careful handling of the doll, the artists achieved in making the doll stand out.

Soft-touch of vinyl: To make the doll achieve a realistic look, it uses vinyl which brings out realistic touch. Collectors of the toys prefer items that feel real. The use of vinyl makes the doll achieve a realistic feel.

High-quality hair: The baby doll comes with hair that can be made into different shapes. Apart from making the doll hair, you can as well dress up the baby. All features in a baby have been incorporated making the doll stand out. The mouth comes with a magnetic pacifier to make the doll achieve a realistic look.

2. Paradise Galleries Reborn Baby Doll

  • LIFELIKE BABY DOLL: Enjoy a realistic warm embrace, thanks to her weighted cloth body, wrinkled little fingers, hand set eyes. She has hand painted details and hand applied eyelashes. She is 20 inches from head to toe, so true to life and is a dream to be cuddled.
  • DESIGNED BY AMERICAN ARTIST JEN PRINTY: Your baby is lovingly handcrafted from our unique FlexTouch vinyl for a finish that is as smooth as a baby’s bum. Her premium ¾ vinyl limbs allow you to sit her in many poses, while falling into her sweet “mother-gaze.”
  • GIFT READY: She comes in a collector’s gift box. She is dressed in a long-sleeved romper with a sweater bodice and pink embroidery. She also wears pink socks and a matching pink headband. She comes with a pink magnetic pacifier.
  • BUY FROM THE BEST: Paradise Galleries expertly create dolls for the very same reason you collect them. We know that love, happiness, play, companionship and memories all matter. They matter to you and they matter to us.
  • AN AMERICAN COMPANY: Paradise Galleries is in California. This means you can trust in the quality, safety and collector's value of this doll. She comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Our products comply with U.S., E.U., and other international safety regulations.

Paradise Galleries Reborn Baby Doll

  • Comes in a baby shape
  • Perfect gift
  • Made by an experienced artist
  • High quality

  • Not for children under 3 years

The reborn doll comes with a lifelike body. With the incorporation of different features, the doll is suitable for babies from three years old and up. Take a look at the 5 best custom reborn dolls for kids. The size of the doll makes it feel like a real baby. Your family members will enjoy holding the doll just like a real baby. A human being comes with several details. If you look at two people standing close to each other, you will notice a difference on their faces as well as on other parts. The doll incorporates details that make her stand out from the rest of the people. It is a reborn doll made while adhering to details.


Designed by highly experienced artists: The doll was designed by artist Michelle Fagan who took the time to come up with every detail to make the baby stay unique. There are several features included in the baby doll making her stand out. For instance, the use of a jersey kit, floral print, jacket, doll bottle among other features helps in defining the realistic look of the doll.

Perfect gift: You may be about to attend important celebrations where you would like to buy something unique for your loved ones. You can be sure of making your loved ones happy by buying a baby doll. The reborn doll can work well as a gift for events such as mother’s day, birthday, and even anniversaries.

Authentic: There are some artists who are known to make quality reborn dolls. You will find the doll in a pack with the signature of Michelle. It is an original product made to assure you value for money. If you need a reborn doll that can stand out, then you need to buy from genuine buyers. The paradise galleries take time to ensure the products you will buy from them adhere to the highest level of quality.

High quality guaranteed: The manufacturers take time to assure you of high quality. You will even ask for a refund and you will get your money back if you are not satisfied within 30 days. It is a reborn doll made to achieve the highest quality possible. You can buy the doll and have it as part of your collectibles.

3. Kaydora Reborn Baby Doll Girl

  • LIFELIKE:The girl has hand set blue eyes & eyelashes and realistic wig hair,hand painted details,wrinkled little fingers,3/4 movable vinyl arms and legs allow you to sit her in many poses.
  • SIZE:22 inches from head to toe,with soft cotton cloth weighted body for a real baby feel,newborn(0-3 months) clothes is suit for her.
  • APPLICATION:Birthday present, Christmas gift, Preschool activity, Home activity, Role play, Nurturing play,Doll collection.
  • SAFETY:Conform to or exceed the safety requirements of ASTM F963 and EN71 for ages 3+, which is safe to your children.
  • PACKAGE: Reborn doll*1, Suit*1, Pacifier*1, Feeding bottle*1,Birth certificate*1,Gift box*1.

Kaydora Reborn Baby Doll Girl

  • Soft body
  • Newborn looking
  • Safety certification
  • Easy for kids to handle

  • Only for kids above 3 years

It is a lifelike real baby doll that comes in a unique design. With the careful design of the reborn doll from head to toe, it brings out the figure of a real human being. The use of soft cotton cloth body makes the doll feel like a real baby. Kids find it very easy to interact with the doll and play around. It can be the perfect gift for your baby during a birthday celebration. Different parts on the baby doll have been carefully applied to make it achieve a realistic look. It looks like a real life baby dolls that cry and move.


Size of a real baby: To make the doll achieve the look of a real baby, it is made into the size which is normal for many babies. Your baby will feel like you have brought her company. Through handwork, the artist took the time to come up with all the features you will expect in a baby.

Newborn looking: There is a way newborn babies look. The reborn doll incorporates different parts that make her look like a real baby. For instance, the application of blue eyes and the eyelashes make the doll look real. Realistic hair will make you enjoy caring for it upon buying the baby doll. Other parts that have been included in the doll making it achieve a realistic look are the arm and legs. In fact, all the features you need in a baby have been incorporated into the doll making it stand out. Your kids will feel like they are holding one of their friends as they play with the doll.

Helps kids develop social and cognitive ability: If you are after ways that can make your kids develop social and cognitive abilities, then you need to buy the product. It is a great way of making the kids get to interact with each other. The way the kids will interact with the doll will let you know whether there is an issue with their social environment so that you can fix it before it is too late. The doll resembles human beings hence kids will interact with it as one of their own.

Safety certification: The doll comes in a design that exceeds the requirements of ASTM F963 and the EN71 making it safe for kids above three years. You need a safe product for your kids and the doll conforms with all safety standards making it a great addition to your home.

4. The Ashton – Drake Galleries Tasha

  • A lifelike So Truly Real baby doll by renowned Master Doll Artist Tasha Edenholm, whose clever nickname is inspired by her adorable peanut nose, sweet personality, and matching outfit, exclusively from The Ashton-Drake Galleries
  • In her Ashton-Drake Galleries debut, renowned Master Doll Artist Tasha Edenholm gives Little Peanut her irresistibly lifelike personality with meticulously sculpted details from head to toe
  • This remarkable So Truly Real® baby doll is superbly handcrafted with soft RealTouch® vinyl skin, expressive hand-painted features, hand-rooted hair, and cuddly cloth body
  • This doll is not a toy, but a fine collectible to be enjoyed by adult collectors.
  • For important information related directly to your state, please check our Storefront Page by clicking on the storefront link above, and then selecting the Policies Tab

The Ashton - Drake Galleries Tasha

  • Lifelike feel
  • Made by Tasha Edenholm
  • Hand-rooted hair
  • Cuddly cloth body

  • No money-back warranty

It is a real lifelike doll with a baby girl body. The master of dolls Tasha Edenholm took time to come up with the doll. You will notice her by the distinctive peanut nose. Sweet personality inspired by the doll makes her stand out. She is meticulously sculpted from head to toe making her stand out.


Made by a renowned artist: The reborn doll was inspired by Tasha Edenholm who is a renowned artist in making reborn dolls. You can count on the doll to get the best product. Distinctive features on the doll such as the peanut nose make her stand out.

Vinyl skin: The doll is carefully handcrafted to bring out the best feel of a real baby. Handcrafting using soft real touch makes the doll stand out.

Hand-rooted hair: To make the hair look real, it is carefully hand-rooted by the artist. The cuddly cloth body makes the doll stand out. It is a toy carefully made to be enjoyed by adult collectors.

5. Wamdoll 18-inch Rare Alive Sleepy Silicone Reborn Dolls

  • Size:18inch(45cm) Weight:about 1.0-1.2KG(2.2-2.6LB)
  • Material:silicone vinyl head,3/4 silicone vinyl limbs with stuffed PP cotton body,very soft
  • Hair:High Quality Mohair,Manual implantation,can wash and dress up
  • Eyes:High Quality Acrylic,can not blink
  • Cloth:Handmade.According to the doll size,The doll will come with the clothes

Alive Sleepy Silicone Reborn Dolls

  • Silicone and vinyl
  • High-quality hair
  • Can wash and dress

  • Does not blink

It is among few reborn dolls made to stand out. With the rare alive sleepy silicone doll, you will achieve a realistic feel each time you handle the doll. The use of silicone and vinyl head makes the doll stand out. You will find the doll very soft to touch making it among the best dolls you can access in the market.


Quality materials: The use of silicone and vinyl head makes the doll stand out. Stuffed PP cotton body helps in achieving a realistic body shape.

Can wash and dress up: You need a doll that offers the feeling of handling a real thing. With the ability to wash and dress her up, she is a perfect doll for your kids.

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