Excellent Vacmaster 5 Gallon With 2-Stage Motor Wet/Dry Shop Vac Review 2021

When you are thinking of cleaning messes and wet debris, a shop vac like (Vacmaster 5 Gallon) is now an essential need. You may go for different best shop vac in the market but you must make sure you know every detail of a shop vac. There are a lot of issues such as its performance, motor horsepower, accessories, cord and hose length and many more.

Vacmaster VWM510/Vacmaster 5 Gallon is a wonderful solution that can feed your needs easily. When you have commercial space, garage, basement, and car, the cleaning is smarter than before when you have this shop vac. So, we are going to let you know some features of this shop vac in detail. Additionally, you may know more about shop vac and their features from 10 best wet dry shop vac to get your deal.

Vacmaster 5 Gallon Shop Vac Review

Vacmaster 5 Gallon


Vacmaster VWM510 is best known as Vacmaster 5 gallons with 2 stages of the motor wet dry shop vac. In case you want to add more performance in cleaning works, this one can be a good deal to clean the jobsite, garage, shop, car, and home.

When you have a garage, you can use it for DIY related messes. You may use this shop vac to clean in the kitchen where there are different unneeded particles. When you have a garden, you can use this Vacmaster 5 Gallon shop vac to blow dry leaf so easily with the airflow from this shop vac.


Vacmaster VWM510 comes with a great feature of capacity. It has 5 gallons and it means you can go for heavy work of cleaning. You find this shop vac in a small size but it has a powerful performance in big tasks. No matter you have a garage, basement, and wastewater in any condition. It is really awesome to have this Vacmaster 5 gallon shop vac to go for heavy cleaning work with this 5-gallon feature.

More importantly, it can treat most of the messes so powerfully and it is often seen that most of the vac doesn’t perform like this vac. The main reason is that has industrial graded 5 peak horsepower that ensures industrial-grade suction capability. You can go easily for sucking stubborn pet hair entangled in the carpet and dust in the inner space where it is a little bit hard to get the dust out from those areas.

Heavy-Duty Motor

The strength and capability of the shop vac depend on its heavy-duty motor. Luckily this Vacmster has 5 peak horsepower motor with 2 stage functionalities. This motor is good enough to go on for relentless work of vacuuming debris.

It is also important to note that there is no noise as it works smoothly with the powerful motor capability. but the noise level may go up to 74 decibels in the case of running for both wet and dry purposes. So, you don’t need to be so worried about the power of the motor.


You will be happy to know the dual purposes filter. The filter cartridge of the Vacmaster can easily be used for both dry and wet purposes. This filter can easily help you reduce the hassle of changing filters over and over again. But the Vacmaster provides you both cartridge and foam filter. It is important to note that the filter can be easily washed and you can use it again for the work of cleaning work.

Portable Use

The best thing about the product is easily moveable and carriable. Luckily this Vacmaster comes with a portable feature. It looks small in size but it has powerful performance for cleaning work. Most of the users have opined that this Vacmster is much more lightweight and comes with a durable feature as well.

Remote Control Switch

The remote control makes the user remote use easily. Luckily this Vacmaster is designed with a remote control switch. There is a remote control function on the handle that makes sure you can switch the unit on and off from a little bit far away.

Wall Mount Frame

When you are cleaning your car seats, you need to get them outside. Luckily this Vacmaster comes with a wall mount frame feature where you can install it on a wall mount clip and it detaches very easily from the mount for use as a portable use.

Additionally, you don’t have much space to keep this Vacmaster, you can easily install this Vacmaster 5 gallon on the wall to space and it also is stored onboard along with the cord. The cord is highly extensive to use this Vacmaster outside.

Blower support

The Vacmaster VWM510 has a detachable blower that effectively blows dry leaves away dragging the tank with you. There is a long blower tool that makes sure the ability of the wind and helps you blow leaves or other debris away from your area very efficiently and in a faster way.

Hose Size

The hose is the most important issue especially in terms of length. As this vac is mounted on the wall, there is two part of hoses which are flex hose that is 10 feet length and a standard one which is 11 feet. These two parts equal to 21 feels and it is easy to reach a little bit away from the wall. Additionally, the cord length is 20 feet that help you move in a larger space easily with this vac. This is really cool to go with this Vacmaster for hose and cord length.

Tank Drain

This Vacmaster 5 gallon has a massive drain port at the bottom that enables to drain of water from the flooded floor. It is really important to make sure you can drain water afterward when you are opening the drain and liquid will flow out on its own performance. More importantly, you can get a larger diameter and the capacity of this shop vac stands for 5 gallons that make sure to drain out of water within a minute.


The shop vac comes with a lot of accessories to make sure you can complete multiple works. There are extension wands, car nozzle, floor brush/squeeze nozzle, round dust brush, crevice tool, air and noise diffuser, tool caddy, washable cartridge filter, foam wet filter, and wall mount storage rack.

These accessories are helpful to perform a lot to work in wet and dry conditions. For example, you need to clean the car seat in the tighter area, you have an accessory such as a crevice tool that sucks dust from the tighter and inner part of the seats.

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Vacmaster 5 Gallon

A shop vac tends to work with different accessories for cleaning needs. When you have already bought Vacmaster 5 gallon VWM510, you should know how to use it in your area. Surely there is a user manual that lets you know ins and outs of how to operate. You can read the manual so carefully so that you can go perfectly and effectively. For any type of shop vac, there is simple instruction which are

1. You need to connect the hose and accessories first

For the purpose of suck, you insert the hose head into the hose socket and then you need to turn it to be a lock for the blow. After that, you should take off the outlet frame and connect the hose to the outlet socket.

2. Then you have to connect the tube to the end of the hose

You may add different accessories according to your cleaning needs.

  1. Turn on the machine and you go for cleaning work smoothly.
  2. Above all, you must follow the safety procedure properly.

Final Verdict

Vacmaster 5 gallon VWM510 is really one of the great shop vacs which are used for wet dry debris. This shop vac is a wonderful solution to make your cleaning work easier than before. When you want to buy this shop vac, you just need to spend a little time to know its functionality and features. Your research and a little time may help you choose the right shop vac for your needs. In a word, it is full of the good feature that adds satisfaction and comfort. So, this Vacmaster is helpful for your multifunctionality indeed.

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