Vacmaster VBV1210 12 Gallon Wet/Dry Shop Vac Buyer’s Reviews

Cleaning is a really heavy part of life and an auto cleaning machine is now an essential need of life. Luckily Vacmaster VBV1210 is one of the great gifts by modern technology that has made our cleaning works so simple.

This is a wet-dry shop vac that has multiple uses as cleaning wet dry debris, particles, and messes. So, you go here to know every detail of this Vacmaster to get your deal. In case you want to know more wet dry shop vac, you read this best 10 wet dry shop vacs.

Vacmaster VBV1210 12 Gallon Wet/Dry Shop Vac

vacmaster VBV1210 wet dry shop vac


Vacmaster VBV1210 is a wonderful gift for you to be used in tough cleaning works. When you have a job site such shop, wood factory, basement, or garage, you can go smoothly to clean any dry and wet particles with this shop vac. It sucks up the wastewater and dry particles so effectively to make sure the floor is neat and clean for one single use.

Additionally, you may have a front garden where dry leaves and clipping grass is a common issue. You just go with this Vacmaster with a blower part to move those dry leaves to an area to vacuum up. This is a complete solution for wet dry particles.


Vacmaster VBV1210 comes with a huge capacity of 12 gallons of dust and wastewater. This can easily suck up 2 gallons of liquid in 3.9 seconds and more dry particles within a short time. Being 12 gallons feature, it is really wonderful solution for fast and relentless cleaning work.

More importantly, you are not frequently empty the Vac because of its large capacity. In the case of heavy debris such as Jobsite, you may go with this shop Vac to make sure easy cleaning of heavy particles.

Heavy-Duty Motor:

The powerful functionality of the shop Vac depends on the heavy-duty motor. Luckily this shop Vac comes with a powerful heavy-duty motor such as 5 horsepower. This motor works relentlessly to continue cleaning work. Surely you may experience the overheating of an outdated Vacmaster due to low-range horsepower. When you seek heavy-duty at least up to 5, it is the best deal to go for heavy cleaning works.


The Vacmaster under this model has excellent capabilities for filtration capacity. This is designed with a cartridge filter for cleaning debris. It is also made with a foam filter that effectively manages liquid wastewater to make sure you can easily clean it in wet conditions.

According to the review of the consumers, the cartridge filter of this Vacmaster is really worth adding satisfaction in the cleaning purposes. Additionally, the setup of a filter is so easy and gets clean even if you are going for a few passes.

Hose Size:

When you are going to use a wet-dry shop vac, it is the most important issue to make sure of the thickness of the hose. The thickness of the hose is measured by diameter. A wider diameter means picking up larger messes and particles. Luckily this Vacmaster comes with a 2.5-inch diameter.

Another issue in relation to the hose length. Surely you can cover your large area as it has 7 feet in length. you can comfortably move around and clean the area without any issue of detachment.

Built-in Blower Port:

This Vacmaster comes with versatile features or multi-functionality. Surly you are easily going to clean your carpet spills, wastewater in the garage or basement, and so on. The built-in blower port is another issue to make sure you can blow dry leafs to move in a specific area and vacuum up. So it works very effectively with a stand-alone blower.

Tank Drain:

This Vacmaster has a tank drain port to make sure you can go on heavy and long-time cleaning work. The tank drains port can help you pass water through and stay on the cleaning work for a long time. This is one of the great features to have east empty drain ports that allow for fast drainage.


The Vacmaster comes with different accessories according to the needs of your cleaning work. There are two extension wands that can be used to clean the floor without reaching the ceiling for dust and cobwebs.

In case you want to clean upholstery and in between seats, there is a car nozzle and crevices tool through which you can smartly go for smart cleaning. There is also a concentration tool for spot clean-up. In a word, this Vacmaster has 8 attachments which are enough to beat wet and dry particles and blowing tasks.

Q. How to Use VacmasterVBV1210

so, in this stage, you need to learn how to use Vacmaster perfectly. Surely there is a user manual through which you may study how to attach every accessory. Additionally, there are some precautionary issues that you must follow.

Remove Stagnant Water

First of all, you need to make sure that there is no stagnant or standing water in the hose. After that, you should place the hose in a bucket of water and turn on the vacuum cleaner. After that, you need to keep the machine in a dry area and vacate the inside drum in the case of filling it with water.

Make Sure Right Filter Use

A wet-dry shop vac is mainly made for two types of jobs. It effectively cleans wet and dry debris. So, you need to make sure what filter you are going to use. In case you want to clean wastewater, a foam filter is used. A paper filter may be used to clean dry particles.

Attach Accessories

When you want to clean the dry leaf, you need to attach it with a blower port. You should read the manual effectively and set this perfectly. Additionally, there are more tools that should be attached perfectly.

Final Verdict

It is needless to say that Vacmaster VBV1210 is an excellent deal to clean the places where there are heavy messes. So, this Vacmaster is much more efficient and powerful according to its operation and performance. No matter whether you want to clean the basement, garage, woodshop, house, cars, you just go with this Vacmaster for cleaning work so simply.

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