What Size Bike for a 4 Year Old? The Best Products Reviews-2021

What size bike for a 4 year old? Your kids want to ride a bike and you may notice this craziness for a couple of days when you are outing in the countryside. Riding a bike is not just fun or pleasure or a waste of time. Riding a bike has so many benefits on a kid’s life. It has a positive impact on physical activity which stops early obesity. It helps kids focus on study more as they can take physical exercise which also nourishes the brain and mental development. Most importantly if they find more interest, your kids are going to win a competition.

There are so many money bikes in the market which may be so attractive, heavy, and eye-catching bikes. But those bikes are not fit for your kid’s so many reasons and it is important to know what size bike for a 4-year-old. Your kids may get more fun when this bike is light in weight and easy to handle. In spite of being light in weight, it should be durable because kids’ hands may be a little bit unsteady to handle safely.

To buy a bike for your kids, it is a must to study which bike is best for 4 years old and safe for them. In case you miss studying, you may find a bike useless, unsafe, and unnecessary expenditure of money after buying. So this is the most important issue that may make the perfect fit.

What size bike for a 4 Year Old?

What size bike for a 4 year old? A different child is different in terms of height and weight. A 3-year-old kid’s bike is not perfect for a 4 years old kid. Kid’s height and wheel size matter to ensure safety and security. Perfect measurement can make biking more fun and enjoyable. There are different sizes of the wheel in the bike like 12”, 14”, 16” 20” and 24”.

There is another issue that is to measure their inseam according to their body. The best measurement could be your kid’s inseam should be as long as the seat height which ensures stability and safety while riding a bike. Here you may know some measurement of what size bike for a 4 year old kid.

Additionally, the most important issue is your kid’s feet should touch the ground so easily and perfectly to take full control even if the bike is at a minimum speed. This is the best learning when your kids also are going to learn biking for the first time.

Wheel Size Age Height Inseam
12” 2-4 2’10” to 3’4” 14-17/35-42 cm
14” 3-6 3’1” to 3’7” 16-20/40-50cm

This table shows that 12” and 14” proportionally fit for the 4 years old kid. The bike manufacturers manufacture bike with this measurement but this one bike also may not be fit for your kids.

8 Best Bike for a 4 Year Old

In that case, the best advice for you is to take your kid in the bike store to make sure you are going to buy a perfect bike in terms of size, weight, and other issues. If your kids feel comfortable and easy to handle, it may be a perfect choice for buying the best bike for your kids. So now, you can go forward with the best bike for a 4-year-old.

1. Woom 2 Pedal Bike 14”, Ages 3 to 4.5 Years:

  • Hassle-Free Assembly: Our Austin, TX based team of qualified mechanics prepare and quality check each bike prior to shipment. All tools and easy-to-follow in-home assembly instructions are included.
  • Ready to pedal: The 14” Woom 2 provides an easy transition from balance to pedal bike. Weight: 12.3 lb; Designed for ages 3 to 4.5 years or overall height 37"-43”.
  • Easy to learn: The beginner friendly geometry is the centerpiece of the bike. It is designed to make riding bikes child's play. Teach your child to ride without training wheels!
  • Safety: Front & rear hand V-Brake plus coaster/foot brake. Our color-coded proprietary brake levers are designed specifically for children. A separate freewheel kit is available for purchase.
  • Key Features: Light-weight aluminum frame, long wheel base for stable and safe straight-away riding, optimized for an upright riding position, quality air-filled tires, quick release seat post clamp.

The cost of this bike is $339 that may make you a little bit unhappy. But this bike is so popular in the market as the best bike for a 4 year old kid. This bike is a perfect match for those kids. The weight of this bike is not heavy which an important consideration for the kids is.

WOOM 2 is only 11.7lb. The bike’s inseam ranges from is only 16” to 19” which may be fit for the 4-year-old. Another fact to consider is this tire size 14” that provides natural balance and coordination while biking with this bike.

More importantly, frame design, geometry, and safe brake design have made this bike unique to choose from as first priority. Which is why this is one of the best bike for 4 year old.

  • Natural balance
  • lightest pedal
  • High-end components
  • Right-hand brake for safety
  • Different color
  • Heavy upright for fast riders

2. Woom 3 Pedal Bike 16”, Ages 4 to 6 Years:

WOOM brand is one of the leading brands in the world in manufacturing bikes for kids. For this, we have recommended the first one as WOOM and 2nd is also WOOM. WOOM 2 and WOOM 3 are dominating the market and have immense popularity from the customer.

For the new learners, this bike has been considered as one of the best bikes because the frame of this bike is made of aluminum and it is less weight and easy to carry or pull. Kids from 4 to 6 years old can enjoy riding this bike. The safety feature of this bike is really appreciable. Front and rear hand V-Brake with freewheel feature is completely designed for the needs of children 4 years old. However, kids can take anyone from the best 5 colors like red, blue, green, purple, and yellow.

  • Highly designed with the need for children
  • High-quality
  • High Price

3. RALEIGH New Jazzi 12 Complete Kids Bike:

This bike is one of the perfect matches for the kids for various reasons. You may choose this bike for your kids. Kids can fit the bike as the inseam ranges from 18” to 21”. Luckily this bike has a training wheel to take full control and coordination when bikes go out of control. The weight of the bike is also light and it is 17.3lb. When you require for 12” tire, this bike is going to meet your requirements.

RALEIGH New Jazzi 12 Complete Kids Bike

Surely your kids are going to enjoy biking with this bike as this bike is well built and ensures comfort as well as safety according to body position for the riders. Raleigh Jazzi/MXR 12 can grab the attention of the kids as this bike is fun and has different colorful designs. This bike has also a sturdy build.

  • Upright body fit that meets the requirement of new riders
  • Sturdy build
  • Affordable price
  • Colorful design
  • Coaster brake but no hand brake
  • Heavy for the new riders

4. Raleigh Bikes Lily 16 Kids Mountain Bike:

Low in price but this bike has so many good features that can catch the attraction of the girls from 3 to 5 years old. This bike has designed well for the needs of 3-5 years old girls. Kids can ride this bike beside the park that can look so beautiful. This bike is made of aluminum and logically it is less weight. So kids can pull and move any way during learning which can be so important issue while learning how to ride a bike.

Raleigh Bikes Lily 16 Kids Mountain Bike

Padded seats and soft PVC Grip can make riding more comfortable and this company has taken this into consideration. Brakes are also strong enough to stop the bike during running. Most of the parents who are already thinking to buy a bike for your girl who is 3-5 years can make the right decision to have this one. Fortunately, this bike for girls may be a model for other girls.

  • The fork allows for upgrades
  • Good quality of tiers
  • Cheap at price
  • Seat hard for long rides

5. Cleary Bikes Gecko 12 in Single Speed Freewheel Bike:

  • 1. Easy to put together. 95% of the bike is assembled. Save your headache to install the front wheel and brake compared with 85% bikes. Assembly tools and an easy to follow instructions are included.
  • 2. Safer riding! Safe grips and handbrake, Front caliper brake and rear coaster brake offer double safer, Wide 2.4” pneumatic tires add more stability, Sturdy steel frame,Crank, Non-slip resin pedal,Chainguard.
  • 3. Easier to Ride! Your little ones will enjoy a smoother ride with Royalbaby sealed bearing since 2019, Royalbaby exclusive brake lever allows little riders brake efficiently.
  • 4. Amazing design and color! Bright colors, stylish and charming. Bike bell and DIY decal add extra fun to the ride. Soft seat comes with a handle, which makes the bike easier to grab during teaching or loading.
  • 5. More size options! 12,14,16,18,20 Inch available. Use our easy-to-follow size chart, you’ll find a perfect size for your little beloved. Note: Please take the kids height into consideration.

The best designed and good looking bike is Cleary Gecko and it is one of the best bikes for 4 year old boy. This bike can be fit from 2.5 years old to 4 years old. The Gecko is 12” which can be the best choice for the kids who want to learn and ride a bike from the beginning.

Cleary Bikes Gecko

Some more features of this bike are easy to pull brake levers, a freewheel option. Additionally, this bike weighs only 15.8lbs with a coaster and 13lbs with a freewheel option. Seat height is another important factor to consider giving you 15” to 18”. It is so important to know that there is also an optional seat post.

Kids don’t understand how to use a bike to sustain for a longer time. Durability is another issue that might catch the parents of the young bikers as it is more durable.

  • Eye-catching design
  • Fitted for 4 years old kids
  • Freewheel option
  • Durability
  • No quick-release
  • No steering limiter

6. Pello Children’s Bike – Romper

  • The #1 Selling, Most highly rated, Highest Reviewed Balance Bike in the World.
  • STRIDER has the youngest starting age: 18 months. If they can walk they can ride!
  • The Most Adjustable Seat & Handlebar Height of any Balance Bike.
  • STRIDER gives children the Easiest Transition to a Pedal Bike.
  • The 12 Classic model comes with the mini-seat (18-36 months). Strider recommends the additional padded seat with extra long seat post for children 36-60 months.

Pello Romper is the smart choice for your little kids because it is a perfect match. You are a mountain biking lover and in the same way, your kids will follow this path. Pello Romper can be the best choice when you have a plan to ride on the mountain. The sleek design and colorful design will not only help your kids bike independently but also it is safer compared to other bikes in the market.

Pello Children's Bike

The child who knows better about biking will tell that he want this bike. The appropriate geometry and high quality of the components have made this bike unique in the market. The minimum seat height is not so high and it is only 18.5”. Weight is only 15 pounds and wheel size is only 14” that meets the requirement of the 4 years old kids.

  • Eye-catching looking
  • Kid’s friendly design
  • High-quality design
  • No dual handbrakes
  • One-color orange

7. PREVELO Alpha One 14-inch Kids’ Bike:

Prevelo Alpha is awesome for the best bicycle for a 4-year-old boy. This bike may be costly but there are some unique features of this bike. This bike is perfect for kids 4 years old when the inseam ranges from 15.6” to 17.5”. The bike is also light in weight and it is only 14.4lb. There is no training wheel and it is not necessary to learn to balance while riding a bike.

PREVELO Alpha One 14-inch Kids' Bike

The tire size is 14” which is the perfect measurement of the kids who are 4 years old. A top-notch and the best bike is a bike that can meet the needs of the beginners also. The lower rise handlebars and lightweight of this bike are smart and comfortable to ride. More importantly, this bike can make your kids aggressive and adventurous, and expert in biking.

  • Less Weight due to Lower size handlebars
  • Responsive
  • Easy carry
  • Dual handbrakes
  • Better balance for a lower center of gravity
  • The superior quality of components
  • Coaster brake

8. Z3 Eagle Carbon Aero Road Bike

  • -UPGRADES: The Z3 is outfitted with Eagle CARBON WHEELS, CARBON HANDLEBARS, and SHIMANO ULTEGRA DI2 ELECTRONIC shifters and derailleurs.
  • -LIGHTWEIGHT: Made with HIGH-QUALITY JAPANESE 700-SERIES CARBON FIBER. Not only is carbon fiber lightweight, it improves vibration damping caused by rough roads providing INCREASED COMFORT and REDUCED FATIGUE.
  • -VERSITLE: With an ADJUSTABLE seat angle track, you can achieve your optimal FIT for your style of riding.
  • -100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: At Eagle Bicycles, we STAND BEHIND OUR PRODUCTS with pride. If you aren’t happy for any reason, we will refund your purchase immediately.

Young rider’s best choice is Z3 Eagle Carbon Aero Road Bike and this bike has been designed for the needs of new learners. New leaners can easily know how to pedal by setting the pedal slightly compared to other common bikes. The best feature of this bike is a safety concern and this pedal setting helps to prevent possible accidents.

Z3 Eagle Carbon Aero Road Bike

However, this bike is fit for the kids where the inseam ranges from 17” to 19” but this range may vary when the inseam ranges from 15” to 17”. Young riders can pull and move this bike very easily because this bike also is designed with less weight than 15lb. on the other hand, there are training wheels that will surely help the new learners to keep a good balance during learning. Surely this is the best bike for 4-year-old kids.

The bike is also designed with high-quality components that make this bike durable and sustainable.

  • Learning pedal easier
  • Available in local store
  • High-quality training wheels
  • 2.3 tiers for stability
  • Coaster brake but no hand brake
  • High Price

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Bottom Line:

Riding a bike has got much popularity among the people who want to see the world at their own effort and also getting obese day by day. When they have a bike, they can go far away and take physical activity. It sounds well for health. You are a perfect and expert biker and these trends may catch your next generation. Now kids are so excited when they see their peer is riding a bike.

So you may notice this from your child and may decide to give a bike on any occasion. But buying a bike is not so easy. You must know a lot of factors which matter for the bikers. What size bike for a 4-year-old, weight, brakes, tire, and many other things are so important to know. It may be better to know the factors at first and take your child to the bike stores to make sure of a perfect match between a kid and a bike.

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